Lawsuit Shoshana Hebshi: Some Real Shock and Awe: Racially Profiled and Cuffed in Detroit

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Frank

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    As far as the federal pigs are concerned, it won't ever be their own money. While they can be sued in their individual capacities, you can only collect money from the agency, not the individual agents. Thank you, Bill Clinton.
  2. KrazyKat

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    Flying while olive and randomly seated next to one of two brown people in the same row, one of whom was ill.

    Glad the story is still being picked up:
    And internationally:
  3. Mike

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    You crossed out "arrest and" in the quote, which was ACLU's language.

    This most certainly was an arrest.

    A detention might be holding her for questioning in the jetway for a few minutes, possibly with a Terry-stop patdown if they meet the requirements.

    She was deposited in a jail cell, stripsearched and cavity searched, and she was not free to leave. That's an arrest.
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  4. N965VJ

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    Was this paranoid employee a FA?

    Note to self: always keep a cell phone handy to hit the record button for YouTube. :D

    I wonder what would happen if I ignored them and kept sitting straight up? :popcorn:
  5. KrazyKat

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    Fixed it. Didn't mean to imply not defacto arrest, just that it was false (arrest, imprisonment, etc).
  6. KrazyKat

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  7. Fisher1949

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    So the passengers near here get sick from airport food and end up in the restroom for the entire flight (been there) and she gets stripped searched and grilled for half a day because of it.

    This is going to be tough to defend.
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  8. Caradoc

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    Since the only thing they're going to be able to say is that "she's brown like them and has one o' them funny-sounding names," I'd go with "impossible to defend."

    I'm sure they'll try, though.
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  10. saulblum

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    Let's not forget this incident happened on 9/11/11. Think of the immense numeric symbolism of an attack on that date.
  11. Caradoc

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    I have a feeling that a great many TSA employees are into numerology and astrology.
  12. saulblum

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    They probably teach it at BDO camp.
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  13. Caradoc

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    More likely the recruits are preselected for belief in numerology, phrenology, astrology, and homeopathy. That way, they're a lot more likely to believe in the crap passed off as "science" by Paul Ekman.

    It frightens me that anyone can go through that training and believe that they're now a human lie detector. It frightens me more that those morons are not only granted free rein to pretend to be performing "security" functions, and even more that they're allowed to vote despite being such abject morons.

    (I am aware that there are TSA employees who go through the program knowing full well how futile it is - these people are not morons. They are simply evil.)
  14. Except the Coast to Coast kook types you refer to are pretty much unanimously against the TSA. They are far more likely to distrust the "studies" that say the scanners are safe, for example, than the allopathic crowd. Many of these types don't even think cell phones and microwaves are safe enough to use. There's a certain old-world wisdom in their point of view.
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  15. Caradoc

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    One need not be a full-blown anti-allopathic/pro-imaginary-remedy kookynutter to buy "homeopathic" remedies from the local Walgreen's. Just stupid - like the majority of the TSA's lackwits.
  16. Fisher1949

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    I have read that the reason that 9/11/01 was chosen was it it coincided with the date of a Joint Session of Congress that year and would be a good day for our enemies to fly a plane into the Capitol and disable US government. I think this session is proscribed in the Constitution as occurring on the second Tuesday in September, much like the Supreme Court convening on the Second Tuesday of October and is designated by the day and month, not date since that changes year to year.

    Thus, there wouldn't be any religious or cultural significance to 9/11/11 since it was a Sunday and meaningless to anyone but Americans in the fear mongering sector.
  17. Frank

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    Kidnapping under color, belike. Some badge-heavy thugs should be in jail themselves.
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