Six hospitalised after TSA agent [Christ-Yves Dabel] ‘playing around’ pepper sprays colleagues @ JFK

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  1. Caradoc

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    I've never seen one that could be mistaken for a laser pointer, nor can I think of any reasonable explanation for a TSA employee to activate either pepper spray OR a laser pointer while at the airport, let alone at a checkpoint.

    Just goes to show just how "selective" the TSA is in its "hiring" practices.
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  3. RB

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    Still don't see anything that looks like a laser pointer.
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  4. Caradoc

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    Par for the course for TSA, then.
  5. So there's not always a canister, but it seems to me that there's always a pump mechanism of some sort with pepper spray, whereas a laser pointer tends to have just a straightforward button. Laser pointers I've ever seen, anyway.

    But even so, fair enough, he wasn't sure what he was. When you're looking for weapons and explosives, the first thing you should not do with an unidentified item is fiddle with it, right? What if it had been one of the small and well-disguised IED's Pistole keeps claiming are out there everywhere? This is why the scanners are so vital (cough-cough-hogwash), right? Strange little anomolies in every crevice need to be examined and swabbed and excised. And this is why people get cosmetics and eyelash curlers and tiny toy guns and small bottles of whatever confiscated, right? Because you just never know.

    That's really where this story bothers me -- it illustrates how frivolous and for show the whole process is. When a guy working on his "masters degree" in protection management is so unalert for and desensitized to actual danger, you know something is wrong with the process. It's overwhelmed with the search for harmless minutia and the effort to condition the populace into docile submission, so much so that the people working it can't recognize something that will spray them right in the eye.
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  7. Caradoc

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    It does make one wonder what the dolt would have done with one of those disguised "pen guns" they've mentioned before.
  8. RB

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    Apparently TSA screeners are taught to fiddle with unknown items. They are damn lucky it wasn't explosive.
  9. DeafBlonde

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    No screamin' :trash: !!! So are the passengers that they are supposedly protecting from scawey tewowrist attacks! :rolleyes:
  10. Frank

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    This article has a picture of what is possibly the device in question.
  11. Mike

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    Probably figure out how to reload it 5 times ...
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  12. Doober

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    Looks like an IED to me. :)
  13. Monica47

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    From the article: The TSA released a statement about the incident toGothamist. It reads, "Yesterday morning, out of an abundance of caution, six TSA officers at JFK Airport were transported to a local hospital after being exposed to pepper spray. Officers were examining an abandoned item to determine its contents and to move it out of harm's way when it accidentally discharged. Travelers and other airport employees were not exposed to the spray."

    Are we to assume this is protocol when finding an abandoned article on the floor of the airport? Just mess with it until you can figure out exactly what it is? Did it really "accidentally discharge" or was the agent screwing around and pushed the spray button? And why wasn't the terminal shut down - this abandoned article could have been anything.
  14. KrazyKat

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    "Accidentally discharge" = TSA's spin. Question answered.
    Protocol? More like Dumb and Dumber x 3.
  15. Frank

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    TSA: Terrorist Source Of Amusement (Lowering The Bar)

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  16. RB

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    Just a late thought. I have a Star Pointer laser, one of the green light emitters. I also have a laser of the red light variety on my Desert Eagle. Seems in both cases there are warnings to not point the beam towards a persons eyes. So I am thinking that the beam of a laser can cause some type of eye damage yet this TSA screener thinking he has a laser device (I think he lied about that) is shinning it towards his co-asses.

    I know while in the Navy we had to wear laser eye protection when flying certain missions.
  17. Caradoc

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    Why would TSA employees worry about eye damage when they've already got brain damage? Well, those that had a brain to begin with, but are too damaged to quit and get a real job now, anyway...
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  18. KrazyKat

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    His brainiac excuse is that he didn't mean to spray, he meant to do something like:
    From yahoo news:
  19. Maybe he thought it was the kind you can shoot around for a cat to chase? Those are supposedly safe enough to goof around with. Nobody blind yet in my household, anyway. ;)
  20. Caradoc

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    "Do not stare into laser beam with remaining eye."

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