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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Monica47

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    I haven't gotten on a plane in years. One of my biggest fears is that one of the kids will have an emergency and need me immediately. I'm within driving distance of two of them, the third lives too far away to make driving practical. I will not go through a scanner which would leave me open to being groped. Although I don't think I could get through security with my dignity totally intact I've been thinking how perhaps I could get through with some of it. My husband thinks I'm nuts with my plan - and maybe I am so input or criticism from any of you will be taken in the spirit it is given. I remember years ago that swimsuits used to come with these hard plastic bra inserts. Not silicon, not foam - these were hard plastic that covered the entire breast area. I found something similar on the internet called "breast shells" used by breastfeeding women to keep clothing from irritating that area. Looks similar to the plastic bra inserts I remember. My thinking is that perhaps putting something like that in my bra would at least give me some sort of barrier from the groping - as well as looking probably better in a sweater than I ever have before - but I digress. The bottom area is a no brainer. Lots of choices of feminine protection to choose from - would keep probing fingers from going too far. Am I crazy to think any of this would help? I know I just couldn't stand there like a victim and not at least try to make the gropers job harder. Am I grasping at straws here?
  2. Caradoc

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    If you try it, don't be surprised when you're told that you'll be required to go with your groper to an isolated place without witnesses to tell what really happens when the TSA strip-searches people for giving them a hard time.
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    You might be "required to involuntarily comply" to go into an isolated room and get into a paper gown.
    There are also the wold song and dance about having to complete the screening process too, as in they would refuse to let you leave the airport (without proceeding to your flight.)
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  4. Monica47

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    Why would it be any different than a woman with the breast prosthesis? The TSA website states they can't make you remove it - and they can't ask you to remove any clothing. (I know they don't always follow their own rules). I wouldn't be refusing the grope, I'd just be insulating myself somewhat. As for the other - I'm an older person, maybe I have bladder problems...... In any event, I'm not going into any private room and I'm not going to strip either so I guess I'll be arrested. The same lawyer who is representing Sgt. Bales told me he'd represent me if I'm arrested at the airport. I hope he meant it. So far sounds like you all think my idea isn't going to work too well. Damn!
  5. barbell

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    Well, Cathy Bossi, an FA at US would certainly think that her breast prosthesis would be immune from additional groping:

    Source: WBTV
  6. FaustsAccountant

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    Exactly. They SAY a lot of things, but track record shows the screener will just simply impose his or her will over yours then afterwards their employer simply print off a canned letter of "followed proper procedure" "did nothing wrong" and is " held to the highest standard." But the passenger is still the one screwed over.
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  7. Monica47

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    I agree and since I wouldn't actually be wearing a prosthesis it would be hard for me to shove the following from their own website in their faces: You should neither be asked to nor agree to lift, remove, or raise any article of clothing to reveal your breast prosthesis, and you should not be asked to remove it.
    I'd still be willing to give my plan a try because to do nothing just isn't in my nature. I'm willing to "go down with the ship" if necessary. If the laws will not protect me from these idiots then I will try to protect myself and suffer the consequences. If it happens you'll hear about it because I won't go quietly that's for damn sure.
  8. Monica47

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    This absolutely breaks my heart and makes me madder than (expletive deleted).
  9. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    It seems that TSA has hired terminally stupid people to perform these functions, and have given them unlimited power with no consequences.

    My own personal interactions with this group runs the gamut from completely unremarkable to outright screeching, escalation, and threatening for no real reason, and certainly no aviation security related function.

    And that's what you get. What you have manning the checkpoint at airports is essentially a group of morons with the curiosity of a stupid child amped up on the possibility that they are the only thing saving America from another 9/11!.

    The expected outcome, then, with your plan is that they'll encounter hard plastic resistance where they were expecting soft, fleshy breast tissue and will want to dig deeper to find out what you may be concealing. After all, to them, if you have nothing to hide, why would you go to such extremes? The delicate matter of human dignity means nothing to these people. And so you'll have piqued the curiosity of a chimpanzee with the mentality of a mentally slow 5 year old. They'll screech, panic, and assume your tits are a bomb. That's when the real fun will begin. They'll want to see it. They'll want to touch it, examine it, swab it, send it through the x-ray machine. Heaven help you if the ETD machine is malfunctioning that day and returns a false positive.

    The caveat TSA also throws out is that you will never be required to remove clothing, etc. blah blah blah. What's hidden in that statement is that you may not leave the checkpoint until some mental midget is satisfied you are clear. For that moment. Because heaven help you if you get through this process and then they decide to screen your gate and one of them recognizes you. In the airport terminal you have likely morphed into a bomb and!

    These people do not understand reality and live in a world all their own. Seriously, I pity their neighbors.
  10. This reminds me of the other problem with all of this poking and prodding of any "anomaly". If you're actually concerned that something under someone's clothes is explosive, you would be an absolute moron to poke at it and handle it. Once again, the TSA undermines our safety at the checkpoint. Or, needlessly humiliates people as they go through the motions of performing their absurdist security theatre. Take your pick.
  11. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    I find it astonishing that these procedures even exist for that very reason.

    Indeed, if the current threat includes ceramic knives and explosives, what is to keep a screener from getting sliced or blown up?

    These procedures aren't only barbaric, they're downright stupid.
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    YCTTSFM Original Member

    Monica47, lots of good advice here about anti-grope dressing, IMO. I do remember those hard-plastic swimsuit cups :)eek:) but believe younger screeners will be mystified and just get more invasive. If it's the poking that bothers you most, a very structured long-line bra may provide some protection. Once airside, replace it your normal style.

    My current airport base layer is a dance unitard. It blocks most skin contact, but makes it impossible to pee. Post-grope recovery requires five minutes in a restroom stall redressing and stuffing it in my carryon. Not that we should have to be discussing this in the first place. :mad:

    Once, I considered asking the gropess what kind of underwear she was wearing that day. I didn't (that would be rude), but the thought made me giggle. I guess she wasn't used to that reaction, because it startled her, and she finished pretty quickly after that.

    Also remember: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.—Eleanor Roosevelt
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  13. Sunny Goth

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    Along with everyone in the line near said screener. :(
  14. Doober

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    Monica, rather than hard plastic cups, why not use a couple of nursing bra liners? They would not give the protection of plastic but are perhaps less likely to draw extra attention to that area of your body.
  15. FaustsAccountant

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    They got a card they've been using tireless for that one too:
    "The website is outdated."
  16. Monica47

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    Excellent suggestion about the unitard - thanks! You used to be able to buy them with snaps at the bottom. Wonder if they still make them that way. Hadn't thought about the long line bra either - another excellent suggestion. My goal is to dress in a way that makes me feel less vulnerable. It's the mental anguish that will be the hardest for me to overcome, standing there knowing that what they are doing to me is so wrong and unnecessary. Probably should bring duct tape for my mouth which could get me in more trouble than anything else.
  17. FaustsAccountant

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    What if they want to look in your mouth too? :p I mean, what are you hiding in there with that duct tape?!
  18. Monica47

    Monica47 Original Member

    Good idea! Thanks! They've got lots of bra inserts on the internet too. I've even thought of sweat socks - well, maybe I'm just remembering that from my junior high days - :p
  19. Monica47

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    Likely spit - I could give them a demonstration! Guess I better save up the bail money now.
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  20. RB

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    My brother was expert at demonstrating hiding things like a handcuff key and such in his mouth without being detected during a search.

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