Smurfs shut down checkpoint @ ORD terminal #2

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  1. Mike

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    Is anyone who works for TSA really competent to investigate anything?

    Chicago Tribune: UPDATE 1-Chicago O'Hare terminal back to normal after scare

    The Transportation Security Administration temporarily suspended passenger screening in one

    part of Chicago O'Hare International Airport Thursday afternoon to allow agents to conduct a "suspicious activity" investigation, but nothing dangerous was found.

    The TSA closed its security checkpoint at Terminal 2 but did not evacuate the facility, which remained open to inbound and outbound flights during the investigation, said Gregg Cunningham, spokesman for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

    Nothing dangerous was found and terminal operations returned to normal as of about 4 p.m. local time, according to another Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman, Karen Pride.
  2. Mike

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    There was a "suspicious" item that they had to "probe" ...

    Chicago Daily Herald: O’Hare terminal reopened after probe of suspicious item

    A terminal at O’Hare International Airport was closed to passengers for about two hours Thursday because of a suspicious item, officials said. Canines with the Transportation Security Administration alerted authorities to the item about 2 p.m., prompting officials to set up a safety perimeter and close upper-level entry doors and security checkpoints at Terminal 2, according to the TSA and the Chicago Department of Aviation. Passengers there were redirected to another area until the terminal reopened around 4 p.m.

    CDA spokesman Gregg Cunningham said the terminal was not evacuated but the people mover did not stop there during an investigation. He said Chicago police determined the item was not a threat, and there was minimal disruption to flight operations and passengers in nearby terminals. Chicago Police News Affairs said no arrests were made in connection with the incident.
  3. I'll be the suspicious item is something so embarrassingly stupid they don't want anyone to know what it was.
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  4. DeafBlonde

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    ETA: Where is the smiley with the index finger on its nose? Oh, well...I'll use this one: :cool:
  5. FliesWay2Much

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    Wonder if they were bomb dogs or drug dogs?
  6. MaximumSisu

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    Food, cat hair, or just the dog's desire for a reward (dogs lie almost as frequently as TSA spokesholes).
  7. RB

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    What, dogs lie 100% of the time?
  8. Frank

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    If they show the same level of intelligence as certain Ohio cops, it was a "remote detonation device" aka car alarm controller.

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