Snoop Dogg Snagged for pot in constitution-free zone

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    At least they didn't beat him to death or shoot him in the back ...

    Dallas News: Snoop Dogg arrested in West Texas on pot charge

    The El Paso Times reports that rap star Snoop Dogg was arrested Saturday morning in Sierra Blanca, on Interstate 10 east of El Paso, after authorities found marijuana in his tour bus. According to the newspaper, when the bus was stopped at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint around 3 a.m., agents smelled marijuana. A drug-sniffing dog was called in, and the dog led the agents to a trash can in the back of the bus, according to the El Paso newspaper. In it was “a red prescription bottle containing marijuana cigarettes.”
  2. RB

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    Wondering what these CBP clerks real jobs are, immigration or drug interdiction?
  3. FliesWay2Much

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    oops -- Just posted about Fiona Apple in the Customs and Immigration forum. Wow -- two people with the resources to take them to court and potentially put an end to the Constitution-Free Zone.
  4. The jackboots don't seem to realize that they create heroes and martyrs when the arrest famous people for possession. There will be more public support for him than for his arrest. That's what happened when Tommy Chong got busted for his designer bong operation -- people respected him more, and questioned the governments intentions and motivations. And Snoop Dogg is a known freedom fighter in this department, so I hope he makes a big deal out of this.
  5. Mike

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    I'd respect anyone who pees on a cop's foot! (or was that Cheech?)
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  6. nachtnebel

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    what a disgraceful spectacle.
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  7. Frank

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    Dark Helmet: How many assholes do we have in the Border Patrol?

    Border Patrol: YO!

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