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  1. Louis Betti

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    It had been 4 years since I had flown the airlines, not because of the TSA, but because of what is posted in my signature. However, with AVGAS hitting $6.00 a gallon easily, two recent trips from EWR to FLL would have made no sense to take the Cessna 210 for just two of us. Fuel costs alone would have been over $1300 r/t, and overall operational costs around $2000 r/t. So, we went "Continented", which is what we would usually fly if doing domestic commercial.

    First: Continented was just fine. Just as I remember it, except no free food and you paid for luggage. That didn't last too long as on the first flight down we signed up for their new credit card on the way out (they dumped American Express last September). Now, while we don't get free "United Club" privileges with this as I got with Amex Platinum, we do get free bags and "Elite Status". The latter is essentially useless. Non-alcoholic drinks on the plane were still free, and we grabbed a bite to eat in the terminal. We paid extra for the exit row seats, which feature first class leg room. Yes, these used to be free, but it is what it is. Service was fine; cordial and friendly, exactly what I would expect from Continented.

    Second: TSA. Sure, I know they have issues, big time, but all four of our experiences with them were fine.

    A. The first flight from EWR to FLL, the TSO handling the line to the conveyor and nude-o-scope was friendly and did not shout. He took his job in stride, did it well, and informed folks of what to get out of their pockets, take belts off, etc. Everyone else was fine too, no issues.

    B. Return from FLL to EWR was flawless. They were busy and sent us through the metal detector, not the nude-o-scope. No complaints.

    C. The next EWR to FLL we did the metal detector, but they had an issue with my girl friend's huge carry on, and had to swab and search it. Ya' think? All the crap she had in there???? The TSO who did it was quite cordial. No complaints.

    D. From FLL back to EWR we got the nude-o-scope. No issues with service. TSA staff was just fine. When I returned home and went to unpack my checked-in luggage, I noticed the card that TSA did a manual search of it. I had a bag of tools in it, so perhaps that is why. Otherwise, nothing missing, and I would not have known they had opened it with out the card being inside. This is not the first time this has happened to me either. Last time was in 2005 when I had a camera tripod in the case.

    Conclusion: It is what it is. The TSA is security theater, and it needs a major overhaul, but I just want to get where I'm going and do not need drama. No, I won't "opt out" of the nude-o-scope, that's my choice, regardless of how it may or may not affect my health.

    I think it is only fair to relate good experiences, not just bad ones.
  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Did anyone opt out? Or did they all go through?

    And I take it you didn't witness any gropes anywhere?
  3. Louis Betti

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    I saw no one opt out, and did not notice anything that looked like a "grope".
  4. Louis Betti

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    Just for an update:

    Since my originating post, we have done'm losing track! Three or four other R/Ts from EWR to FLL, and the experience was the same- just fine, With both the TSA and Continented. Actually it was more, as my girl friend did a couple of solos herself, with the same experience.

    My next one will be on Monday 1/7/13, and I expect the same. We'll see!

    I'm not a TSA cheerleader, but I can only tell the truth about my experiences. That's only fair to do.
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    Not to dispute credit where it's due but I also think that those "good" experiences should be the norm. Not a sigh of relief of "good."
  6. DeafBlonde

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    Not to dispute the OP's claim of a "good" experience, either, but I believe that the OP always goes through the Nekid-O-Scopes. TSA is fine with the passengers who "choose" to pose spread-eagle naked for them...just sayin'! :rolleyes:
  7. CelticWhisper

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    Kudos to Louis for stating facts objectively. I know we all feel a slight twinge of disappointment when we see cases like this as we know they do nothing to help turn public opinion against TSA, but truth and accuracy in reporting are causes worth pursuing on their own. It does help our credibility in the long run to see that we hear and accept reports of things going okay as well as reports of TSA doing as TSA will do, and (expletive deleted) up colossally.

    Thanks, Louis, for giving us honest reports and for sticking around even though you yourself have been enviably free of undesirable TSA interaction. We appreciate your input either way.
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  8. RB

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    I hope Louis is right about what is happening at our airports.

    I have signed up for some TSA abuse, next month and again in April. Will be transiting 3 different airports TSA checkpoints so I will withhold judgement until I see first hand. Of course I'm not willing to be xrayed in order to travel. I am not willing to be interrogated like a criminal. I am not willing to surrender my dignity to TSA screenerse in order to exercise my rights as an American.

    If TSA wants to play silly games that have nothing to do with aviation safety and security I may find a different experience than Louis did.
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  9. Louis Betti

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    Another update, and no changes to the negative. Of course I am just talking about the EWR-FLL experience. My last (for a while) flight was on 1/7 from EWR to FLL. I had five trips in 2012, and this one for 2013 signified my move from New Jersey to Florida. Yayyyy!!!!

    Most memorable was the gentleman checking boarding passes / ID at EWR. He was quite a character. He, at first seemed to sound harsh, but it was all an act. We even engaged him in brief conversation about our move, and he said, "congratulations for getting out of New Jersey!"

    Everything went without a hitch, and TSA was cordial and professional.

    Again, this is just two airports I speak about.
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