So much for being able to take liquids aboard - in spite of promises made

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Sep 6, 2011.

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  2. FriendlySkies

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    What a surprise :rolleyes:

    Now one question.. The last few times I've gone through the checkpoint, they've had a machine with a "hole" that looks like you place a bottle into it. Is this for testing liquids?
  3. honeytoes

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    I just had two protein shakes (Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials) put into a machine with not only one, but TWO holes. That magical machine cleared my potentially explosive shakes. I feel safer, don't you?
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  4. exbayern

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    I had two random ETD experiences with liquids last week. At a Canadian airport a screener stopped a woman in line and asked if she could swab her liquids. In the UK I was asked at the checkpoint for permission to swab my liquids.

    I often encounter a random ETD swab of my liquids in various countries. Why can that not be incorporated into a revised liquid policy? I have no issue with how the swabbing is done, and nothing has ever come up positive for me. (Of course, I don't know the next step if it would come up positive)
  5. Mike

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    When I drink my breakfast on a plane in the morning, the brand is usually Courvoisier or Hennessy, not Carnation. :D
  6. rockon

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    Behind the scenes, I'm sure the airport vendors are more than happy to see the liquid restrictions continue.

    Safety be d**mned, there are profits to be made!

    Actually, as I have posted elsewhere, I think Nappy is hoping to cash in on a 'liquid checker' after her DHS career. If she thinks it's a long way off, it tells me that she assumes Obama will be re-elected and she will continue at DHS. Same way Chertoff cashed in on the NoS machines after he left office.
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  7. darwin76

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    Little known fact: bottled water was invented at Los Alamos in the 1950's. The plan was to drop it on the Soviet Union if the worst ever came to pass. It is too dangerous to allow onboard an aircraft.

    What ever became of the attempts to use the medical liquid exemption?
  8. Lisa Simeone

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    See the new thread called "Pat" posted by Pat for a (typical) tale of woe involving medical liquid.
  9. barbell

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    I'd feel a lot safer if they had fondled a 6 year old for good measure.
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