Video Southern California Man Uses Creativity to Turn Routine Police Chase into Classic Youtube Video

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  1. The 47-second Youtube video starts off with a typical police chase through the streets of Southern California; not much different than the hundreds we’ve seen since the O.J. Simpson chase interrupted the 1994 NBA Finals.
    But then we see that we’re actually viewing a video recording of a television screen in somebody’s house with the camera panning out towards the window where we are treated to a front-row seat of the chase.
    The man with the camera exclaims, “holy (expletive deleted),” before turning the camera off, leaving the skeptics thinking that it has to be fake, but not exactly sure how it is fake.
    It turns out, it’s not fake, but a little staged considering the chase lasted an hour Sunday night, giving the videographer ample time to run back inside his house, turn on this television set and record the clip where he then posted it to a Youtube account under the username Jason Lee.
    He also posted several other clips from outside his home before making his way inside and creating an instant classic.

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    I don't have time to look at all these videos.

    Is there anything involving "Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence, Stupidity" here, or should I shunt it off to Photography?
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    I watched it, and it is not about misconduct, you can send it to the photog files. Although it is a pretty cool vid!
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