Southwest ground handler drives airs stairs to pizza joint [LGA]

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    The NY Port Authority is getting all bent out of shape, WN acts like it's just another day at work :D

    New York Post: Taking lunch to new heights! La Guardia Airport worker drives stair car to pizza joint (June 28 2013)

    A grinning La Guardia Airport worker took a lunchtime joyride in an “Arrested Development”-style stair car — even though the wacky contraption isn’t allowed on city streets. The driver, a regular at a nearby pizza joint, was spotted cruising in the Southwest Airlines vehicle on 19th Avenue and Hazen Street at 12:30 pm on Saturday.


    “This is not acceptable behavior,” Steve Coleman, a Port Authority spokesman. “We will immediately begin to identify the offending vehicle and driver and will take appropriate action.”

    Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz apparently disagreed, saying, “Nothing unusual or out of protocol on this one.”

    ^ to Southwest for maintaining the 'tude that your customers have come to know & love. :D

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