Spiegel Story on Drone Operators

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    Woes of an American Drone Operator

    Interesting account. The consciences of these operators are bothering them, and also, observing war down below also takes its toll. One operator also noted that they could see Afghani couples having sex on their rooftops at night.

    Tell me again why drones are such a great idea?
  2. Mike

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    They'd be a great idea if we had a real war that we could win and end.

    The problem here is not the drones; it's political.
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    Indeed. The female operator in the article had two small children of her own. She justified what she was doing to other people, to other families, with the thought that "someone with authority had looked at this and decided that they were a threat, so it was a legally authorized killing". So she took her own moral evaluation off-line and tried to act as a non-moral trigger pulled by someone else who bore the responsibility, not her. Alas, we humans can not and must not operate this way. We are always responsible for what we do.
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    I can't believe that this doesn't harm the trigger puller in some way. The depths of the mind are unlimited.
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