Lawsuit Spokesman-Review: TSA settles lawsuit from prosecutor

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    Spokesman-Review: TSA settles lawsuit from prosecutor [$225K for injuring a handicapped passenger]
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    plus lawyer fees I imagine
  3. Government attorneys disputed the hip injuries. What soulless weasels. Well, attorneys, if he had preexisting hip conditions, I'm sure his pointless fall helped make them worse.
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    And now he'll get groped more often because he's in a wheelchair. There never seems to be any justice these days.
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    In a rare victory for a citizen who’s been injured by the TSA, a Washington state attorney settled a lawsuit against the agency for $225,000. Considering the injuries the man suffered, I’d say the TSA got off easy.
    County prosecutor Tim Rasmussen, who walks with a can as a result of childhood polio, was injured in September 2008 at the Spokane International Airport. When the TSA took away his cane and instructed him to sit, he did so — only the chair behind him into which he was to sit had been pulled away.
    (Any bets on whether this was an accident or an attempted “joke” by the TSA?)
    As a result, Rasmussen fell back, suffering hip and back injuries, for which he had to have surgery. He filed suit against the TSA in 2010 seeking $1 million dollars in damages. It’s taken all this time to reach a settlement.
    Since the accident, says Rasmussen, he’s mostly confined to a wheelchair. And we all know how the TSA treats wheelchairs.
    (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/man pikin)
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    I corrected typo a minute after I hit "Publish," but that wasn't fast enough, obviously, for the original to appear here.
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