St. George Utah News: Analysis: Injustice that even a child can comprehend

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I think it's going to take a father saying enough is enough; files charges and/or defends their child and knocks a smurfs head off in the process of dishing out a level one trauma/beating, or the judicious use of trepinese. All of which would be justifiable use of force based on TSAs actions.
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    Except teachers are imprisoned for child molestation if they do what you do at your job. Oh, and they actually know something. Other than that, yeah, I see your point.
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    A hundred atta boys are erased by one "awe (expletive deleted)"... At this rate it would take several centillion acts of "doing the right thing" to be even in the same ballpark of even.

    My personal feelings about TSA came from there actions towards me and my property. If your kind had truely highly trained professionals their would have been no problems but due to assaults, thefts and illegal acts this is the end result... It's your kinds own damn fault so FOAD.
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    I can imagine a TSA employee telling their supervisor to go stuff themselves instead of carrying the insanely stupid "procedures" as instructed.

    But I'm also pretty sure that's not going to happen, because TSA employees enjoy playing the thug.
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    None of those people do violence to me, my family, and my friends by attacking our liberties, our dignity, and our privacy like you do at airports, on trains, on buses, and in more venues to come. So don't compare yourself to these people. There are bad people in every occupation; what is special about yours is that it is the very existence of your job that is evil. Your occupation will cease being evil when you get your hands out of our crotches and quit looking under our clothes without cause. And not until then.

    Are you wearing a sanitary napkin? You people are amazing.
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