Standard-Examiner: Armed pilots want to carry guns outside cockpit

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Standard-Examiner (24 Jan 2012): Armed pilots want to carry guns outside cockpit

    I say if it's concealed, go for it. The current scheme borders on being ridiculous.

    Yawn. Unlike the pretend "layers" of security provided by TSA, this one actually works.

    This "layers of security" cliche is really getting old and transparent, and more so with every granny-grope video.
  2. Fisher1949

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    Anyone licensed and trained to properly use a sidearm should be allowed to carry it. If it's locked away and unloaded when something happens, you don't have a gun, you have a rock.

    Of course, this is only ten years in coming which provides an interesting insight to the timeline that TSA follows in adopting new measures.
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  3. DeafBlonde

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    Bolding added: Well it is faster than the speed of erosion,
  4. RB

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    I don't have any problem if pilots carried when not on the airplane. I think anyone who is properly trained and either licensed or sworn should be able to carry anytime and anywhere they wish. I would support stiff penalties for those who carry and violate the law. I also favor open carry. I would think LEO's would prefer that also. Of course only law abiding people would open carry.
  5. N965VJ

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    Yeah, I saw that James Bond movie too. :rolleyes:

    O rly? I know plenty of guys that will have nothing to do with your agency's dangerous holster.


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