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Discussion in 'New Users' started by stimpy, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Hi, just got the invite. I'm not sure how appropriate my participation is here. I left America after 9/11, in part due to the TSA and airlines and how miserable travel in the US became. Not to mention how miserable US politics has become. I visit the US from time to time, but I usually just pop into LAX and pop out again, avoiding domestic flights.

    I can talk about security at LHR, CDG, LYS, AMS, NBO and several other Euro and African airports that I frequent if anyone is interested.
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  2. CelticWhisper

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    Welcome to TUG, Stimpy. Leaving the USA as a direct result of the TSA is a response I think a lot more of us wish we were in a position to give. You're always welcome here on the forum, no Customs processing or gropedowns necessary!
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    Stimpy, you are not alone. I am actually looking at leaving the US, as well, because of this nonsense. If it starts to get appreciably worse (how can it, really?) I'm gone.

    Welcome to TUG, and your perspective on sane and sensible security measures in other parts of the world is most certainly appreciated!
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    Welcome aboard! :)

    I've thought many times about leaving the US, as a result of TSA/DHS.

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