Storm troopers in full military regalia greet AA commuter flight on Miami runway [MIA]

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  1. Mike

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    And the sheep were dumb enough to thank them. :td: This country is going down the sewer.

    After putting everyone at risk by pointing machine guns at them and marching them off the plane with the hands over their heads, the goons apparently have no idea if any crime was even committed in the first place.

    The odds of our flying again keeps going down & down. I think we need a new country, perferably one that's not rapidly turning into a police state.

    WSVN: Police storm commuter plane on MIA runway

    Heavily armed police officers stormed a plane on a South Florida runway and took three people into custody after a suspicious package that did not make it on board raised concerns in Tallahassee.
    TSA officials said American Airlines Flight 3491 landed safely at Miami International Airport around 9 a.m. Saturday and was then taken to a secure area where passengers were met by police. "It was intense," said Anna Velazquez about her ordeal.
    Velazquez, who was traveling with 18 family members, was one of 40 passengers on the commuter flight who talked about the unusual circumstances that greeted their arrival at MIA.
    Instead of heading to the gate, passengers were directed to the penalty box, a secure area at the airport, where they were met by authorities. "They took us to an area where we saw walls," said Velazquez.
    Martin Sandel said he knew something just wasn't right after wheels touched down at MIA. "Thirty or I don't know how many armed guards in black jackets and AK-47s surrounding the plane, boarding the plane, coming to tell everyone to put their hands on their head," he said.
    Word of a possible suspicious package on board spread through the cabin of the small jet. "We asked the stewardess what was happening, and she said she thought there might be a device on our plane," said Velazquez.
    Sandel feared the worst. "What's going through my head is, 'Is there a bomb on this plane?'" he said.
    Velazquez said the sight of so many armed men in uniform was unsettling at first. "We saw, like, a dozen police cars, guys getting out with big military guns, and I just prayed," she said.
    Still in their seats, passengers waited while authorities examined the aircraft. Sandel said their weapons were too close for comfort. "One gentleman was aiming his AK-47 down the aisle right in front of me," he said.
    According to passengers, three people taken off the flight in handcuffs, and their baggage was searched by police dogs. "They put us up against the wall," said Sandel.
    Officers gave the all clear about an hour and a half later. "They just thanked us, and we thanked them," Velazquez said. "We're glad to have them in a situation like that."
    Officials said a checked bag alarmed during screening at the Tallahassee Airport Saturday morning, which didn't make the flight, caused the big concern on the tarmac at MIA.
    The contents of the package that never made it to Miami are still unknown.
    It is unclear whether authorities will file charges against the owner.
    Tallahassee Police are investigating
  2. Caradoc

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    Really? American forces now carry AK-47s? Or is this doucheweasel just stupid enough to be not just a TSA supporter, but an actual TSA employee?
  3. Mike

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    They also evacuated the Tallahassee airport where the flight departed ... but hours later they haven't announced that anything devious was actually found.

    A gigantic, farcical show of force endangering dozens of people for zero, zip, nada?

    And we can relax -- the GED's in TSA are working alongside the Tallahassee police to get to the bottom of this. :td:

    WCTV: Three Questioned after Suspicious Bag Found at Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Tallahassee, Fl - Travelers seeking flights out of Tallahassee were told to evacuate the building, and employees shortly followed as a suspicious bag was investigated.
    Things were at a standstill around 8:30 Saturday morning. 200 people evacuated the airport when a suspicious bag was identified.
    Taking every precaution necessary, the Tallahassee Police Department stepped in. Bif Bend Regional Bomb Squad
    "You notify law enforcement if there is something suspicious and we check it out and call in the experts to check it out" said Scott Beck with the Tallahassee Police Department. "We determine what is the best possible outcome."
    Big Bend Regional Bomb Squad used a robot camera to determine how serious the situation was. But without a full examination it was too hard to tell what exactly was in the bag.
    Using a containment vessel, TPD removed the package from the scene, and with the all clear, operations went back to normal.
    "We appreciate all the efforts of law enforcement for all that they did to make sure everyone was safe and it had a good resolution" said Jim Durwin, Assistant Superintendent of Airport Operations.
    About 500 miles away in Miami, TSA officials say an American Eagle Flight inbound from Tallahassee was moved to a safe area as a precaution once it landed. One passenger and their two traveling partners from that flight were detained for questioning.
    Four flights out of Tallahassee were delayed because of the disruption.
    The Big Bend Regional Bomb Squad transported the package to a safe facility and examined its contents, only to discover the bag was full of electronic devices. TPD determined the contents did not pose a threat.

    Tallahassee Police Department Press Release
    This morning at approximately 7:25am baggage screeners at the Tallahassee Regional Airport notified the Tallahassee Police Department of a suspicious bag during routine screening of checked luggage.
    As a precautionary measure the airport terminal was evacuated until members of the Big Bend Regional Bomb Squad could investigate further.
    The bag was taken off site to a safe location by the Big Bend Regional Bomb Squad. There, it was determined to contain various electronic devices, however there was no indication the bag was a threat to public safety.
    Airport operations resumed back to normal at approximately 10:50am with minimal interruptions to today's schedule.

    May 25, 2013
    Tallahassee, FL - According to the Transportation Security Administration, a piece of checked baggage set off an alarm during baggage screening for American Eagle Flight 3491 from Tallahassee Regional Airport to Miami International Airport. The bag was set aside, and the Tallahassee Police Department was called in to inspect it.
    When the flight arrived in Miami, the plane was moved to a safe area. Law enforcement officials questioned the passenger associated with the bag and the passenger's two traveling companions. All other passengers were allowed to exit the plane.
    The Tallahassee Police Department continues to investigate the bag and its contents.

    May 25, 2013
    Tallahassee Regional Airport has been given the all clear.
    The suspicious item found in the airport has been moved to a different location for further investigation.
    Planes were allowed to land during the investigation, but passengers were not allowed into the airport. Departing flights were not allowed to leave the airport.
    We will bring you more details as they become available.

    May 25, 2013
    Jim Durwin, Assistant Superintendent of Airport Operations for Tallahassee Regional Airport, says an investigation is underway after a suspicious bag was discovered in one of the terminals.
    According to Durwin, law enforcement officials are on the scene.
    As a safety precaution, officials have placed certain areas of the terminal and airport on "Restricted Access" mode. Officials say as of now, no flights have been impacted.
    Tallahassee Police Department Officials say a robot has entered the area of where the suspicious bag was discovered.
    It is still unknown what the device is.
    Tallahassee Police are working the scene along with TSA.
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  4. TravelnMedic

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    wow that idiot passenger doesn't know what he is talking about (the man card comment was hilarious). The reporter needs to be terminated for piss poor journalistic ability.

    There is not a police force in the US that uses a AK pattern rifle (semi or select fire). MDPD uses variations of the AR (Armalite Rifle not Assault Rifle BTW) pattern or HK MP5 sub machine gun for entry teams. Beyond that most police forces dont even buy the full auto versions anymore due to the cost of the weapon, ammo and maintenance.

    Its sad this country has become so full of pansies that will rollover and give up there rights in such a pitiful manner.
  5. Caradoc

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    Apparently "AK-47" is the new doucheweasel word for "scary black gun."

    Much like "TSA" is the doucheweasel word for "security theatre performance troupe."
  6. Frank

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    A school of education is where you go when you can't hack a real degree.

    A school of journalism is where you go when you can't hack the school of education.
  7. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Let's keep things in perspective and focused on the real issues. For an uninformed civilian to mislabel a weapon as an AK-47 is of little consequence and hardly warrants labeling him a "doucheweasel".

    Furthermore, the journalist was simply relaying what the passenger had said.

    We won't win the debate with that sort of rhetoric.
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  8. nachtnebel

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    The real issue is that these criminal jerks in uniform marched off innocent US citizens at gunpoint and stood them against a wall. And the reaction of some of the sheep was to thank these *ssholes.

    The end of this cannot come too soon.
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  9. Mike

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    Sorry, I was in a hurry to meet an 8 p.m. deadline for something and had to rush out as I made the original posts. This disposition was already indicated in milepost #3, which I'll also highlight in red above:

    So it appears it was another major coup de théâtre , providing yet another great occasion for TSA & LEO retards to strut their stuff & endanger the public in this latest disgraceful episode of aviation security theater.

    This is also the second time in a few weeks that TSA has cause air passengers to be assaulted by law enforcement AFTER the flight has departed. If a piece of baggage is that suspicious :rolleyes: the flights should hever have left the ground in the first place.
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  10. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    eh not really but then again journalist doing research on their stories seems to be a lost art. Much like the brain dead politicians and parrot journalists who keep calling semi-auto armalite pattern rifles (AR-15) "assault rifles"...They know not of what they speak.

    I think the term fits as the average smurf has no cajones...nor capable of growing a set, and said wash lowers the bacteria count in the gene pool.
  11. KrazyKat

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    Liked these two comments:
  12. Rugape

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    I caught that too, I am unaware of any metro department that uses the AK base or frame for official department responses. I will chalk this up to general unawareness on the part of the person being interviewed. Many people have heard AK 47 and M 16 for most of their lives and automatically resort to one of those two designations.
  13. Rugape

    Rugape Original Member

    Agreed, so many articles and newsies I read today are written in terrible form, bad use of the vernacular and the facts are not actually followed up on, they just write "John Q said this happened and so this is what happened" without any back/fact checking at all. They do the same thing with the political statements, which is why Benghazi is such a larger issue now, than it was when it happened (at least in the public eye). That using terminology like "Assault rifle" to describe any weapon format that doesn't look exactly like a 1930s hunting rifle, using the term "automatic weapon" to describe semi automatic weapons and other versions of intentional misidentification is getting old. Call things what they actually are, if you are opposed to weapons or gun ownership, you have a right to speak out against it - but intentionally calling a hunting rifle with bells and whistles to make it better at its job an "assault weapon" is just fundamentally dishonest.
  14. RB

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    Taking a plane load of passengers off an aircraft at gun point should be very concerning. These so called cops have loaded weapons and lots of evidence suggests that they are often to quick on the trigger. Just one person doing something interpreted as threatening and the whole force could open up on innocent people.
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  15. Caradoc

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    True. The AK-47 comment just shows his ignorance. Being thankful that armed thugs pointed guns at him makes him a doucheweasel.
  16. nachtnebel

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    I fail to see the importance of mis-identification of the make, model and caliber of the firearm that is pointed at your skull while the person holding it is ordering you off an aircraft you purchased tickets to ride on, at gunpoint disrupting your legitimate travel, to put your hands on top of your head like a POW and stand up against a wall.

    These jerks recklessly endangered the lives of everyone on the aircraft for a staggeringly poor reason: that yet again some TSA puke peed his pants over nothing. And for that, these passengers came close to death.

    Yes, if I were a TSA clerk watching this clusterf*k, yet another TSA caused clusterf*k, sure, I'd be deflecting like mad from what really happened here, and the real danger from these badly trained, badly led, and wrongly deployed *ssholes with firearms.

    "ha ha ha, they said AK47. what a deplorable state of affairs when people mistake an AK47 for AR15." No, it is deplorable when people are so afraid of their own shadow, that they will turn their weapons on their fellows, their own innocent countrymen, with intent to use, without one bit of reflection or remorse, or even common sense. Did they really think these people were a danger to them? Did they think at all?

    What kind of human beings are they?
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  17. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    As we just saw in Boston.
    Great comment, Nachtnebel. FIFY.

    How could they not associate a specific party with a barcoded package?
    For a package (that they knew at that point to be harmless), which was not on the plane.

    Who decided to play LEO hardcore Tacticool Jackass, choosing to terrorize a planeload of passengers for no reason?? Un-#*$%ing believable. Accountability, please!
  18. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member


    the person who made this decision needs to be fired on the spot and frogmarched out. At the very least. In a perfect world, he/she would be charged with one count of ADW and kidnapping for each passenger. And also the perps who carried out the order.
  19. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Just my 2 cents on the AK 47 discussion. AK47 is probably one of the best known NAMES of a military style weapon that almost everyone has heard of. Heck, they are manufactured under one name or another in many countries. The U.S. versions of military style weapons I suggest are less well known by name so calling something an AK while not correct is really not that big of deal and given the number of AK's out there I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see some version of the weapon migrating to use in the US. The AK and its variants is one of the most durable weapons out there.
  20. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Am I reading it right that it was a none known fact that the item of concern was not on the airplane? And these cops go all GI Joe on the passengers? Some serious discipline, if not legal action, needs to be coming down the pipe right on the people making the decisions that activated these guys.
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