Stun Gun found On Board Jet Blue Plane

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Fisher1949

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  2. Mike

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    Probably left behind by an evacuating flight attendant who needed more room for beer. :D
  3. Elizabeth Conley

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    I find it encouraging that the PA police and FBI are investigating, not the TSA.

    Legitimate law enforcement agencies with professional investigators are appropriate to this situation and most others involving crime.

    A TSA "investigation" would simply consist of CYA for their program and their screeners. That's not helpful.

    My guess is that someone accidentally left the item in their bag, and found it after clearing screening. This happens a lot apparently. S/he may have concluded that ditching the item at first opportunity was his/her best protection against attracting unwanted attention.
  4. FriendlySkies

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    If this was a gun, then I might understand the "issue, but this was a taser... :rolleyes:

    Where was TSA? Did they forget to screen a bag? Think they've accounted for others that interacted with the aircraft? (crew, cleaners, mechanics, etc)
  5. mikemey

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    Another fine example of the TSA security provided.

    A taser is still a weapon that can be used, effectively, against the crew. The TSA should have caught it, plain and simple, and they didn't.

    But we'll soon hear how all regulations and procedures were followed.

    I can't wait for these turkeys to be unemployed.
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  6. DeafBlonde

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    I am sure that it will soon be revealed that the taser was rendered harmless because the TSOs at the checkpoint asked the passenger to "voluntarily surrender" the batteries. :rolleyes:
  7. Mike

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    According to media reports this was a stun gun, not a taser. They are not the same thing.

    A taser shots a tethered dart. Once the dart is embedded, electrical shocks are applied through the tether (wires).

    A stun "gun" ("gun" is a misnomer) delivers a high voltage electrical charge across two contact.
  8. mikemey

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    I still say regardless of whether or not it was a taser or stungun, it's a prohibited weapon.

    And the TSA, again, failed to detect it.
  9. Mike

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    If you packed it vertically in a carry-on, I bet it would slip through 95-98% of the time.

    Now that passengers are resisting, they would be useless as hijacking weapons.

    TSA failure? Yes.

    Major security issue/threat? No.
  10. LeapingFrogs

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    How electrifying! I'm shocked and stunned! Or maybe... not. :D
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  11. Elizabeth Conley

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    I couldn't care less about the taser getting through. I don't see it as a serious weapon. Besides, I don't think the TSA can keep weapons off planes, so I don't expect them too.

    I just wish the TSA would stop trampling the Constitution.
  12. RB

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    Agree, what could be done with a stun gun? Sure won't get the cockpit door open and after 30 or 40 people tackle the user the problem would be quickly resolved.
  13. KrazyKat

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