Stun gun masked as cell phone

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    The only thing I can think of that would make this stand out in a x-ray would be the size of the battery. My prediction: Look for a "next generation" device that also functions as a real cell phone and is charged via USB to capacitors.

    NBC Washington: TSA Officer Finds Stun Gun in Woman's Carry-On Luggage

    A TSA officer found a cleverly disguised stun gun in a woman's carry-on bag at National Airport Tuesday morning.The stun gun was designed to look like a cell phone, with a fake desktop image of colorful icons and a numbered keypad. The two primary buttons on the device, though, say "Stun" and "Light."The TSA said in a release Tuesday afternoon:

    The stun gun, which by design was intended to be deceptive, was detected by an alert TSA officer who spotted the weapon as it passed through a metal detector the airport’s central terminal checkpoint

    The passenger was not charged, and was allowed to take her flight to Chicago as planned.

    Through a metal detector or through an x-ray? Carry baggage is x-rayed. It would almost always trigger a metal detector.
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    I fail to see the threat to the airplane posed by a person with just a stun gun.
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    Just out of curiosity, why's this in Policies & Announcements?
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    Accident, already moved. :)

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