Surprise, surprise: we still have to take off our shoes!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Uh, 'scuse removal is NOT "by far the leading source of frustration and delays at the airport." It's the friggin' TSA, you dummy!
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    Oh, for god's sake. Who are these morons responding to polls:
    Really? Really?? Getting your genitals pawed and groped is no big deal, but taking off your shoes is??
  4. Seriously. I so don't care about taking off my shoes at this stage. I will happily keep taking off my shoes if the scanners go away. And I don't even really like it that my kids don't have to take them off, because I find it actually complicates matters. When we last flew, my son wondered why he didn't have to take them off and we did, then we had to have a conversation about it while I was trying to concentrate on keeping our stuff from getting stolen and keeping my eye on the perverts so they wouldn't cop a feel of him or his sister. When kids took shoes off too, they all came off, then they all went back on. The procedure was explained in advance, and we got it done without any trouble.
  5. Mike

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    But it's the money they're spending on non-functional technology, no indication as to how much this boondoggle cost other than a vague "millions" ...

    USA Today: Despite millions spent, TSA says no change to shoe policy

    After spending millions of dollars testing scanning devices that would let fliers keep their shoes on at airport security, the Transportation Security Administration has reached a decision: There will be no change.

    Huffington Post: TSA Rejects Proposed Shoe Scanners At U.S. Airports

    After spending millions of dollars testing four different scanning devices that would allow airline passengers to keep their shoes on at security checkpoints, the United States government has decided for now that travelers must continue to remove their footwear, by far the leading source of frustration and delays at the airport.
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    Without being sexist, most people have no balls, thus no problem for them.
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    I've never understood why shoes in carry-ons don't seem to be an issue but shoes on feet are. It makes no sense - then again........

    The fact that they can't seem to find an acceptable solution that will allow travelers to leave their shoes on, makes me wonder how good their x-ray machines are at finding things in shoes in carry-ons.
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    It's almost as if the UK Daily Mail is trying to rub it in with the way they laid out their headline, so I'm not going to reformat it ...

    Passengers will be removing their shoes for years to come after TSA fails to come up with new airport scanner - despite spending MILLIONS

    • TSA said four scanners failed to detect all weapons hidden in shoes during tests
    • Shoe removal policy was put in place after Richard Reid tried to detonate a bomb hidden in his footwear in 2001
    After spending millions of dollars trying to find a new type of scanner that would allow travelers to keep their shoes on while going through airport security, the U.S. government decided to leave things as they are.

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it had rejected all four devices that were under consideration because they failed to detect all the explosive devices and metal weapons that were hidden in footwear during tests.

    The news comes less than a year after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had announced that the TSA is well on its way to develop and put in place new scanning machines that would allow passengers to remain shod, thus cutting down on long lines and complaints.
  9. Mike

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    Have we really been complying with this stupid shoe carnival for 11 years now?

  10. Doober

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    Responding to myself, I also wonder if perhaps TSA has realized that they can no longer x-ray people willie-nillie and they realize that they can't put these things in airports without a period of public comment, which they don't want to do 'cause if they do it for shoes then there is no excuse to not do it for WBI.

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