Susan G. Komen Fund cuts funding to Planned Parenthood for breast care

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Doober, Feb 2, 2012.

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    "mischaracterized" my (expletive deleted) - this was a focused decision made due to political pressure.

    Petition expressing dismay may be found here if you are interested:
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    Funny hack.
    As a breast cancer survivor I revile the pink ribbons, feel-good non-profit fundraising (for...?), and pinkwashing. If people are going to "Walk" or "Run" somewhere, for some cure, they ought to be headed to the HQs of the major petro-chem firms.
    I understand PP is quickly making up for their loss from the Komen gravy train. PP is where we deliver health care? What a sick, screwed up country this is now.
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    Right after I graduated from college and before I had a decent job, Planned Parenthood is where I got my healthcare. It was all I could afford.
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    Did they reconsider because it was the right thing to do or did they reconsider because they saw their contributions dry up before their very eyes? In the future I will donate directly to Planned Parenthood and skip the "middle man".
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    #2 is your answer.
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