Suspicious Package Causes Stir At AC Airport [ACY]

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    Retards @ work, as usual. How many people would a suspicious package kill in a family/unisex restroom? One, two, three? Only terrorist working for TSA would be dumb enough to pick that kind of location for a bomb.

    Never mind, sound the horns, TSA is once again here to save the day. :rolleyes:

    NBC 40: Suspicious Package Causes Stir At AC Airport (Apr 19 2013)

    In a time when a major US city was at a fear driven stand still watching the storylines of the Boston marathon bombers unfold; the Atlantic City Airport had its own run in with the fear factor Friday, when a TSA agent discovered a suspicious package in the family care unisex bathroom of the airports terminal.

    "The terminal was evacuated, state police bomb squad responded, cleared the item, and it was all cleared," says Kevin Rehmann, the security and communications manager of the airport. The package was reported to airport operations, who contacted the New Jersey State Police, who then made the call to evacuate the airports terminal for safety measures.

    The terminal was on lock down for about 90 minutes reopening around 2:30 PM. Delaying some flights, but passengers are more relieved the incident turned out to be essentially nothing.
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    What was a TSA employee doing in the "family" restroom?
  3. Family bathroom: my bet is that it was a big, bundled up diaper package.
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    ah, a dirty bomb
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