Targeted by Traffic Control Aide at Chicago's Midway Airport

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    I was dropping off a passenger at Chicago's Midway Airport for an 8am flight on a busy Thursday. As one would expect, there was a mild backup of cars and taxis at the passenger drop-off. I was idling in the center lane behind a taxi waiting for a curb spot to open. A Midway Airport Traffic Control Aide walked into the lane toward the passenger side of my car and started yelling abusively while motioning the taxi and me to proceed forward. She then turned her back to me and began yelling at something else as I drove forward per her directive. I had moved about a foot when suddenly and with her back still turned, she stepped backward and brushed up against my car. Immediately she turned around and started slamming her orange traffic batons on my car and then she kicked the back right wheel well multiple times while screaming obscenities at me. Within a few minutes the airport cavalry were all there - police, fire, TSA etc. I am certain all of this was recorded on security video, but the Chicago police are shrugging their shoulders saying there's no video from that day. I need it because this Traffic Control Aide who beat and kicked my car is now suing me on the false pretense that I "hit" her. The lawyer I've retained isn't the greatest, and I don't have the funds to upgrade to better representation. I know there's a video of this incident somewhere. There has to be! Homeland Security doesn't just erase their CCTV, right? Can anybody help me?
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    Video around airports seem to be defective when its in your favor. Good luck.

    Welcome to TUG.
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    You probably need to FOIA the port authority. Have your lawyer write the request.
    Those aren't TSA's cameras, landside.
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    Almost sounds like a setup on the part of the traffic "aide".

    Welcome to TUG. Fortunately we almost always left the ORD & MDW terminals in shuttles to the rental lots, never had to deal with the riffraff on the traffic details.
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    The Chicago Traffic Management Aide (TCA) at the Midway Airport departures level WHO

    1. verbally abused me, kicked and pounded on my car as I was trying to drop off my passenger
    2. skipped the traffic court date regarding this incident (as did the CPD reporting Officer D. of Midway Airport Law Enforcement Unit-South) BUT ...
    3. filed a personal injury lawsuit against me for "injuries" sustained via her insane, violent behavior toward me
    got a ten thousand dollar settlement from my insurance company!

    My subpoena for Midway's security video was not fruitful. If the judge had viewed the TCAs aggression in full, would appropriate action have been taken? I've lost faith in the system. (Note: all security surveillance at Midway no matter if it's TSA or Homeland Security or another contractor, all goes to the City of Chicago Operations Center. The crew watching the screens at the OC can zoom in and angle the cameras for a better view in real time.)

    I have a front and back dash cam now, as well as a very bad attitude toward law enforcement.
    Be careful out there people.
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    $10K means it was settled as a nuisance suit. It would have cost several times that much to defend against it.

    It's unlikely that any judges were even involved in the lawsuit, except perhaps to sign off on the settlement agreement reached by the attorneys.

    Years ago someone cut in front of my wife & snagged her bumper, peeling the bumper forward. Then she claimed my wife had rear-ended her. She claimed her "injuries" had resulted from having her head slammed forward into the steering wheel (consistent w/ snagging the bumper, whereas a rear-end collision would have resulted in backwards whiplash). And she had a history of similar "injuries" -- it looked more as though she were trying to collect funds for a pre-existing condition.

    They paid her $4K to shut her up. Settlements happen.
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