Targeting those with religious attire doesn't make us any safer

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    Inside Bay Area: Prabhjot Singh: Targeting those with religious attire doesn't make us any safer

    Eleven years ago, on Sept. 15, Balbir Singh Sodhi was shot and killed at his Phoenix gas station, in the first post-9/11 hate-motivated death, but not, by far, the last -- evidenced by last month's murders at a gurdwara in Wisconsin. These acts of violence are born in an environment that offers the "other" as the easy scapegoat for violent anger.

    The TSA checkpoint is an easily identifiable contributor in creating this "other."

    As a Sikh American couple, and frequent air travelers, we experience being segregated each time we travel. The nonturban-wearing woman is asked to "move ahead," while the turbaned and bearded man is subjected to additional screening simply because he looks different.

    Meanwhile, we face the peering eyes of fellow passengers and murmurs from children passing by. His status as the "other" is confirmed because there must be a reason the turbaned man is stopped each time. It was the same "other" that caused the killing in Phoenix and Wisconsin.

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    After that, one of my Sikh co-workers ended up working from home for three weeks (I'm in Phoenix) - we all took turns bringing him groceries. Because morons think "turban == Muslim," and haven't the slightest notion what Sikhs are.

    Morons. TSA employment candidates, the lot of 'em.

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