Teaching Kids to Love TSA and Hate Tony Tiger

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    Teaching Kids to Love TSA and Hate Tony Tiger

    June 24, 2011, by Bob Barr

    Now, in this early 21st Century, where fear is a component of virtually every public policy — underlying everything from vacation travel to eating a bowl of cereal – the new hero figure being marketed for youngsters is a snooping airport TSA agent.


    I've seen the Spy Gear Security Scanner, and for the life of me don't ever remember thinking using a hand held metal detector would be fun while playing spy. It's not that I remember a time when metal detectors weren't used at airports; I don't. This is just a really odd toy.

    The one review on the Toy R Us site for this states:

    I use it once in a while on my sister when she enters my room.

    What a great way to keep a yucky kid sister out of one's room; make entering it an unpleasant experience, just like the checkpoint at the airport!

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