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    Somewhere in my online travels via the Rand Paul TSA issue, I came across sample legislation drafted by the Tenth Amendment Center that would seek to institute state-level bans on scope-n-grope.

    The page(s) describing it is/are:




    Being the Rhetoric Whisperer (thanks again to whoever came up with that one), I drafted a letter to my state officials (1) that asks them to introduce this at the next meeting of the state senate & house.

    As always, revisions, suggestions, corrections and the like are welcome and wanted. All copyright is waived, consider this letter public domain to do with as you will.

    (1) - Can someone clarify how this works? Are "state senators" and "state representatives" the ones in DC who legislate at the federal level? What do you call the ones who just operate at the state level? Not sure what terms to use to look up these people.

    (2) - I'm right about that, aren't I? That state-level (i.e. within-the-bounds-of-the-state only) legislators can only propose something like 5 bills per year? Would like to avoid foot-in-mouth disease here.
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    State senators are different from U.S. Senators. Rand Paul is a U.S. Senator. Your state delegate is different from your Representative.

    P.S. At TSA News Blog: State Legislatures Try to End TSA Abuse
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    I think 10th Amendment Center is encouraging State legislators to use the concept of "interposition" to insert State law between federal law and the rights of their local constituents. This has seen a resurgence as more States have voiced opposition to Federal encroachment of their legislative rights.

    Idaho is now getting on board.

    Barbieri readying bill to outlaw TSA pat-downs in Idaho

    Since many State legislators are part time and lack the resources of their Federal counterparts 10th has assembled legislative templates to get them started.

    Great folks over there . One of my more frequent donation recipients.
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