Video Terminal Cornucopia: DIY weapons in the sterile area

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    In this talk, I explore a seldom-discussed facet of airport security: what happens after the backscatter/millimeter wave scan or the friendly pat-down? A marginally resourceful and MacGyver-esque individual can breeze through terminal gift shops, restaurants, magazine stands and duty-free shops to find everything they need to wage war on an airplane. We'll take weapons — melee, projectile, and beyond — from concept to prototype in this serious (yet often humorous) talk, replete with photos and video.​
    yes, the volume is low on some of the videos, something we need to work on next year
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    When is CC10 and do they need any volunteers for ERT?
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    ComputerWorld: Beyond TSA checkpoints: Weaponizing everyday items sold in airports

    So if the TSA confiscated your dangerous tube of toothpaste over 3 ounces, or perhaps took possession of another object on the prohibited items list, it’s all “for the safety and security of the traveling public.” Right? Well the answer is no, not so much, especially after seeing a presentation that showed just how easily a person can make a weapon after going through TSA airport security. After two years of research into the effectiveness of airport security, Evan Booth aka “treefort,” founder of Recursive Squirrel Interactive, showed how a person could weaponize everyday objects found in airport shops that are beyond TSA checkpoints ... But all the banning, scanning and confiscating is worthless if you can build a makeshift lethal weapon after you’ve successfully passed through TSA security.
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    Oh, jeeze! Who'd a thunk it?? :rolleyes:
    This just goes to show you how many non-nefarious persons fly on commercial airliners. If the scawy teowowists had really been trying to target air transportation, I think they would have made lots more moves by now, and all the TSO's would be good for is soiling their expensive uniform britches.

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