Terminal dump & rescreen @ RIC

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  1. Mike

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    You have to expect little things like this when your ranks are filled with people too stupid to work at McDonalds ...

    Times Dispatch: TSA sends dozens of RIC passengers back through security

    Transportation Security Administration officials at Richmond International Airport rescreened dozens of passengers on Concourse B on Sunday after a carry-on bag was not properly screened, an airport official said.

    The airport was notified of the TSA’s decision to rescreen passengers at about 4:50 p.m., Richmond International Airport spokesman Troy Bell said in an email.​

    Dozens of passengers were directed back to the security checkpoint. The concourse was emptied about 30 minutes later. By 6 p.m., “everything was back to normal,” Bell said.
  2. Monica47

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    I have not flown in years but I know what the procedures are when going through security so could someone explain exactly HOW a carry on bag is not "properly screened"? If every passenger has to put their carry ons in the buckets and they all go through the X-ray, what constitutes "not properly screened" that would cause calling a group of passengers back or doing a terminal dump? Either you see something suspicious in the bag or you don't at the time it goes through the machine I would think but maybe I'm missing something.
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  3. Caradoc

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    Congratulations! By making this observation, you have proven yourself completely unqualified for TSA service by demonstrating the ability to think!
  4. RB

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    TSA clerk chatting with co-clerk. TSA clerk using cell phone instead of doing task at hand. TSA clerk being typical incompetent TSA clerk.
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    S N A F U.
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  6. Fisher1949

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    if someone spots that it wasn't properly screened, say a Stupidvisor, why not intercept the bag and passenger before they leave the checkpoint instead of waiting half an hour and then dumping the terminal?

    Are they so stupid that they actually believe that this makes them look good?
  7. RB

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  8. What are the odds that in that one bag, while the x-ray guy was looking away or whatever, there was a weapon owned by someone who actually had the intent to cause harm? Winning the lottery odds, I'd say. And considering they know very well they miss a considerable percentage of weapons, the terminal dump is all theater, I'd say.
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  9. RB

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    Same odds that TSA has a competent clerk.

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