Terminal evacuated at LaGuardia [LGA]

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    Just to give you my sources on this claim, which would otherwise seem a bit far out, check out

    The financial stability board for the G20 latest statement on this, especially page 5 and 7.
    Implementation details of this in Canada, see pages 144 and 145.
    The corresponding agreement paper from the US FDIC and the Bank of England.

    Keep in mind that this means ALL depositor funds, makes no difference if individual, corporate, 401k, IRA, etc. This means ANY ASSET! held by these large institutions.
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    Which means that the crooks remain in place & the customers get fleeced.
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    the sad thing is, that is no joke.

    keep in mind how easy it is to buy a congressman's or senator's sympathy. Fifty to one hundred thousand dollars will do it. The large financial institutions and management have access to trillions. That is a lot of firepower that no congressman or senator can ignore. Especially when those same people are largely ignorant in economic matters and it costs them nothing to acquiesce, especially since the citizens have willfully allowed themselves to be ignorant of this entire area as well.

    That is what is dictating policy now. That is what is effectively calling all the shots.
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    Oh, this is choice. In the Irish Times, note the story about the decision to liquidate the very large (for Ireland) Anglo-Irish Bank, now called IBRC.
    The European Central Bank has the government under a gag order, to avoid the public's knowledge before they come to an agreement.

    One of the things they are apparently doing or considering is liquidating (taking) pension funds from pensioners.

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