Terrorism Planning Practicum at NYU

Discussion in 'Security' started by Mike, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Never fear, we have two-digit IQ's studying homeland security at junior colleges who will foil these diabolical masterminds! :D

    NY Post: NYU terrorism class asks students to plot terrorist attack (Oct 29 2012)

    A New York University class on transnational terrorism is requiring students to “hypothetically plan a terrorist attack” — and shocked cops say the outrageous lesson plan is an insult to the officers killed on Sept. 11.

    The controversial course, taught by former Navy criminal investigator Marie-Helen Maras, asks the pupils to “step into [a terrorist’s] shoes” and write a 10- to 15-page paper on their battle plan.

    “Some of the most notorious terrorists, including Anwar al-Awlaki, got their start on American campuses. It looks like after the CIA killed al-Awlaki, NYU is helping to produce successors,” said an outraged law-enforcement expert on terrorism.

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    Wow - I wonder what they think about everyone who has ever been part of a Wargame or exercise Red Team???
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    highly trained terrorists ...
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    Military war colleges have many papers of students visions of attacks on U.S. interest. There was a War College paper prepared before Japan attacked Pear Harbor that was almost perfect in laying out how an attack would be and was carried out.
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