Video Texas State Official ‘Left Sore’ From a TSA Patdown

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Thanks for posting. I'd love to see tsa clerks fined and jailed for groping passengers. There is no more common sense in this country. Everything about security is justified because of an event that happened ten years ago, and would be stopped today, not by TSA, but by pax and hardened flight deck doors.
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    Our friends from the TSA will say that it never happened, you know. Too bad there were no videos of the actual pat downs and the gentleman's interaction with the screener who told him he was being punished for opting out.
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    Too bad indeed, but it does give me an idea: Double-decoy.

    I can't remember offhand who said it but someone recommended using a pen camera clipped into a shirt pocket whilst visible holding a DVcam/cell phone camera. If told to stop recording/put away the camera, either raise minor resistance (to avoid looking too suspicious for giving in too easily) or just put it away while the pen camera is still rolling.

    What if you do that same thing, only with an audio-only recorder running on the phone (or even an unseen audio recorder in the same pocket as the pen camera)? Visibly close the lens cover, say "okay, okay," and lower the phone while the audio is still recording.

    That way, even if you don't get video, you get audio of the TSA clerk saying "Yes, we're punishing you for opting out." Pretty damning and if you make sure you upload it far and wide before announcing anything, there's no way it can be taken down.

    Is good plan or no?
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    It is fundamentally wrong to allow TSA agents to get so close to genitalia/sex organs that it cannot be determined whether contact was made or not. They should not be that close, period, without probable cause, identical to what LEOs are limited to when dealing with the general public not suspected of any crime. ATR with generous allowances for anomalies should be enough.

    It is illogical for TSA to insist on using such extreme measures to preventing something that has never happened while at the same time completely ignoring the possibility of bomb detonation at the checkpoint under the premise that it hasn't happened yet so no measures need be taken. A TSA poster on FT has implied this where he stated that procedures were in place and would be implemented if there were a detonation at a checkpoint.
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    Actually I was referring to the screener's comment that the grope was punishment
    for not going through wbi. Anyone want to guess how long it took me to type this answer on my smartphone?
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    Ten minutes!
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    Doober said:
    Anyone want to guess how long it took me to type this answer on my smartphone?​

    WRONG! Closer to 30. :eek:
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    I'll have to try that. If I can compose my thoughts succinctly, I can also use a voice input to post in a forum or send a text message.
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    Why? So it can take her FORTY MINUTES? ;)

    Poor girl. At least she's trying.

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