Texas Watchdog: The TSA’s power grab: Graphic details flow in complaint letters ...

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    Texas Watchdog: The TSA’s power grab: Graphic details flow in complaint letters about Transportation Safety Administration’s groping excesses

    Read together, hundreds of letters complaining about Transportation Safety Administration security excesses acquire a horrible and sickening power.

    Not in the graphic descriptions of genitals groped, terminal ailments revealed or utter powerlessness before government endured. Rather, it’s how often in the face of violation and outrage the victims somehow manage dignity, courtesy and self-effacement.

    Governmentattic.org, a non-profit website whose slogan is ‘videre licet,’ roughly translated from Latin as “permitting to see” posted 205 pages of these letters from 2010 obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act.

    Airline passengers from all over the country addressed complaints to President Obama, Janet Napolitano, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, senators, congressmen, their local newspapers and Anderson Cooper at CNN.

  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    I don't think there's any hope. Americans don't seem to mind being treated like livestock. In fact, the majority seem to enjoy being debased by an authority figure.
    Both major parties are in favor of decreased individual rights for citizens, and neither is interested in scaling back any of the Constitutional Rights Violations we've seen in recent years. The other parties don't seem to get enough press to be viable in our elections.
    If we don't like living with roving squads of goons and jack-booted thugs stealing from us, unlawfully detaining us and illegally searching us, then we need to move elsewhere.
    The United States is no more.

    I'm taking a break from the internet folks. It's just too depressing.
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  3. Mike

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    Read the letters that were obtained by FOIA and uploaded. The sheep aren't bleating.
  4. From the letters, a man with a prosthetic hip and knee:

    Another one, in which a mother holding a nine month old child is being made to wait for an enhanced patdown. The grandmother notes:

    Some of this stuff is truly perverse, and this is before the extreme patdown started:

    At this point, it's hard to choose even what to quote, some of this stuff is so egregious...

    This person should have pressed charges. She was crying out in pain. Her doctor was seriously concerned:

    This, from a woman in a dress who had an embarrassing search of her legs:

    A registered nurse, on the topic of not changing gloves:

    Woah, on this one:

  5. jackonferry

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    It's depressing and distressing that so many people have had these experiences. Imagine how many go unreported. On the other hand, it is encouraging that people are complaining about and reporting them.
  6. RB

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    But TSA is unaware of any complaints or concerns.
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  7. Mike

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    But these complaints that TSA had came from the TSA that doesn't have any complaints. :eek:
  8. This guy had had a humiliating experience already when this happened:

  9. RB

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    From the TSA workers I have seen fat is a familiar object.
  10. This was her second letter, unsatisfied with the first, which was a form letter.
  11. I'd like to suggest this file get a link beside the abuse master lists. I recognize a few of these stories, but most are not ones that have been previously publicized.
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    I second that motion. Many of these were probably never reported publicly which would account for them not showing up anywhere before.

    Link sent to Drudge and Alex Jones.
  13. Mike

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    I try to get a copy of the PDF.
  14. Mike

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    Done, see here. :)
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    I spent over an hour today reading these complaint letters. A large number of them were from older people who had artificial hips or metal parts implanted and couldn't understand why their genitals had to be groped because of having those procedures. The truth is their genitals didn't have to be groped but that's what they got because TSA employees have to follow strict guidelines that give no opportunity for THINKING. If you have an artificial knee why do your breasts have to be searched? But gosh, there's no way we can let our employees think on their own because we hired a bunch of nitwits who are too unskilled to work anywhere else. And hey, we don't give a crap whether you fly or not - we've got a job and now we're unionized so screw you. We'll talk or scream at you anyway we want and punish you with standing in a little room where everyone can see you if you dare question us and threaten to throw you out of the airport after we call the police.

    The really sad thing about all these letters (the ones at least I've read) is that all these people went along with what was happening to them regardless of how degrading it was in order to get on that damn plane. Oh sure, they complained afterwards but put up with TSA's behavior all the same. And what did their complaining accomplish? Nothing! I bet more than half if not more never got a response to their complaints or got some sort of form letter from their representatives. That's all I've ever got.

    The only way things are going to change is if passengers make a big stink AT THE TIME they are being mistreated by the TSA. And I realize, as someone who has quit flying, that isn't pleasant nor convenient nor at times practical. But it is obvious that complaining AFTER the fact is not changing a thing. We need half empty planes and airports that look like ghost towns before our government understands that Americans simply will not put up with this crap. And when my generation is gone there won't be anyone left who remembers when airline passengers had rights and were treated with respect and weren't fried in machines or sexually molested.
  16. Caradoc

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    American citizens.

    The TSA has escaped the confines of the airports, remember.
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  17. Mike

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    Our pals overseas are just lapping it up, this from that bastion of human rights commonly known as Iran ...

    Press TV: FOIA letters reveal shocking cases of TSA groping

    In one incident which occurred on October 29, 2010 at Hobby Airport, Houston, a woman reveals how a TSA screener “putting her hand on my genitals,” caused the woman to “have traumatic reaction that lasted for days.”

    In another letter, a woman complains to Congressman Mike Turner about an incident that happened on November 12, 2010 at Dayton International AIrport. The woman explains how a TSA screener, ‘felt my inner thighs and my groin area.’

    The woman relates how she stood for a minute holding her baby without being able to move having been “sexually assaulted by a government official.”

    “I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours and woke up the next day shaking,” she writes.

    Another woman traveling through LAX on November 10, 2010 complains of how she was “sexually assaulted” after a TSA screener touched her vagina.

    The files are also replete which cases of TSA screeners fondling men’s genitals.

    A veteran of the 10th Special Forces from Bradenton, Florida, who had metal parts in his body as a result of combat injuries reveals how he was subjected to an aggressive pat down “so rough he injured my testicles and (I) was nauseated for hours.”

    In another incident which occurred at Phoenix airport, a man with an enlarged prostate reveals how a TSA screener used a metal detecting wand to poke his genitals “very hard,” despite the fact that the man warned the TSA screener in advance that he suffered pain in his genitals.
  18. Frank

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    It used to be that if you dissed an old person you got hit with a purse/cane.
  19. Monica47

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    Got news for you - we'll still do that. You reach a certain age and figure you've got nothing to lose. This is one more reason I quit flying - you mess with me and you're going down.

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