Texting While Flying Linked to Commercial Crash in First

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    Bloomberg: Texting While Flying Linked to Commercial Crash in First

    Texting by a pilot before and during a 2011 medical-helicopter flight in Missouri contributed to its crash, the first time such distractions have been implicated in a fatal commercial-aviation accident, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found.

    The distraction from texting helped lead the pilot to take off without enough fuel, the investigative agency found at a hearing today in Washington. The helicopter’s engine stopped after the pilot reported that he had more fuel than was aboard, the NTSB found.


    The NTSB documented at least 240 texts sent and received by the pilot during his shift the day of the accident, according to records cited by Bill Bramble, an NTSB investigator. There were 20 such texts with a coworker before and during the accident, the safety board found.
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    This has been going around the HEMS (Helicopter EMS) since it was released; the concensus is the pilot screwed the pooch.

    This is not typical behavior of HEMS pilots as most are very experinced pilots (Most a retired military) with at min 4500+ hrs of PIC (Pilot In Charge) time as well as ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating. The accident rate is relatively low but always make the news because of medias "It bleeds it leads" mentality.

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