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    I'm NotaCriminal, I reside in Columbus, Ohio. I am a paralegal at a major insurance company, and formerly was a paralegal specializing in criminal (death penalty and white collar crime), nursing home and product liability defense at a local law firm. Married, many cats and dogs but no kids, former Marine, proud aunt of a Marine.

    I used to live to travel, with every spare dollar and day off saved carefully for overseas adventures, but not so much now. We purchased an RV in December 2010 and that's where most of our dollars and time go now.

    I received an invite through FlyerTalk. I've read various forums at FlyerTalk for a couple of years, but didn't register until my spouse got NOS'd (we didn't know about it, I swear!) and I got a free breast exam on our vacation last year. I found my way here, and I was relieved to find I wasn't the only one who felt violated and generally p.o.'d at the state of travel. I've severely curtailed my travel since our September 2010 experiences, from 12-14 trips a year to 3 trips for 2011. My spouse refuses to fly any longer, and it's hard to even get him to pick me up at the curb at the airport. I'm a hypocrite, I guess, because I have flown twice and will fly again in September. I opt-out, though, despite the breast groping experience.

    The one slightly funny thing about me is that while I love to travel, I had been terrified to fly. Luckily, I've always known it was illogical and what the odds of crashing truly are, but still, flying used to be a bit traumatic even with therapy. However, after the groping, I've found that flying is far less traumatic than it used to be; I'm now terrified to go through security and the onto the jetway (since the TSA seems to be there, too). I think I'd rather go back to being afraid of takeoff and landing!

    I look forward to your insights, advice, humor and comradery.
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    A warm welcome to you, NotaCriminal.

    Life is full of ironies. I used to be afraid of flying but the more I understood the workings of aircraft, noises, vibrations, turbulence etc the easier it became. Unfortunately my fears and anxieties are back; not from flying but rather approaching security checkpoints. How crazy is that?

    Thanks for sharing your story. We look forward to your input.
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    Welcome, NotaCriminal-- I just found these fine folks yesterday, though an article posted elsewhere. It is good to be able to find humor/irony in the trauma to be sure, especially good if we can channel our anger into action. It took me weeks before I realized my checkpoint experience stirred up some earlier sexual trauma issues, really deep ones, and had functional psychological/life impacts on me. I'm mad as (expletive deleted) and, well, you know...

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