The Airport Experience: A Journey in Itself

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    In an era of increasing surveillance and eroding privacy, our airports bear little resemblance to the community gathering spaces of our cultural imagination, where families and friends could see each other off and meet at the gate to embrace one another.

    For most people traveling for the holidays in the US, though, the experience at the airport will be far less idyllic. Many will be subject to Rapiscans, the full-body "people screening" device, exposing them to radiation and invasive body imaging. Those who opt out will be subject to a full pat-down, often in full view of all the passengers waiting in the security line. Much has been written about the increasing security measures taken by the TSA in airports across the United States, the drastic escalation of which began after 9/11, with the gradual introduction of stricter policies since then. With the impending holiday travel season, we wondered whether the security measures Americans have grown used to are unique to the United States, or whether they have become the norm around the globe.....
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