The anatomy of a forum troll

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by TravelnMedic, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Been cruising various forums and feeds and came across this... Who does this remind us of?

  2. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Did you get Ron's permission to post his picture?
  3. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Um not his to start, although wouldnt surprise me if thats what he looked like. This came from Go Comics by one of there artists by the name of Wendy Heam. I only wish I could have come up with this little gem.
  4. jtodd

    jtodd Original Member

    Add 100 pounds or so and you're probably closer than you imagine.
  5. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    Add blue gloves.

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