The Appropriate Response to DYWTFT

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jun 27, 2011.

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    It's established that many TSOs will try to coerce passengers into compliance with their unconstitutional demands by using the veiled threat "Do you want to fly today?"

    I'm creating this thread as the first of what I hope will be a successful series of narrow-focus TSO-attitude-deflator threads dedicated to tackling issues like this. In this thread, I'd like to get some discussion going about successful and failed attempts to jerk the rug of perceived authority out from under TSOs playing the DYWTFT card and bring them back in line.

    A few points to consider:
    -Not all TSOs are the same with regard to authoritarianism - some will back down when challenged, others are too simple-minded to know when to quit
    -Not all passenger travel circumstances are the same - some pax are flying recreationally and have time to duke it out with the TSO, the FSD and whoever else may be involved. Others may need to get to their flight if they want to keep their jobs.
    -Not all pax respond to pressure the same way. Some have a lot of trouble keeping their wits about them in a stressful situation such as those created by geTSApo thugs.
    -At least some higher-level TSOs disagree with the use of DYWTFT and try to train it out of their subordinates

    As someone who has never been faced with DYWTFT I'm not in much of a position to offer suggestions based on experience, but the one recommendation I've heard is to demand a supervisor immediately.

    I guess the question is what to do if that fails and the LTSO or STSO decides to back the DYWTFTer instead of the passenger.
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    I think there are a few options, but people need to think about these before they get to the airport (if they're still flying, that is; I've stopped entirely).

    First, the old saw about allowing plenty of time holds true even more now than ever. Yes, I know not everyone can do this -- there will always be situations where that isn't possible, fast connections, traffic delays, etc. I'm talking about the people who can arrive early and who do have time, and there are millions of them.

    If we're going to fight this, we have to be willing to "waste" time and to wait. If everyone refused to go to through the scanners, the TSA would have a nightmare on its hands and things would change. But since we know not everyone is going to do that, those who have the time should do that. Refusing to acquiesce to the scanner is an act of resistance. Every time a citizen does this, it's one more "No" to the TSA. Yes, you might have to wait a long time, either because they truly have no one to clear you, or, more likely, because they're punishing you. That's what they did to me last time I flew (September 2010), but because I had allowed plenty of time I just waited.

    If you are singled out for a grope, don't go quietly. Of course never allow them "privacy." Don't go into a back room with them; then you're completely at their mercy. Allow the grope to be performed in public. This has several advantages: witnesses, some armed with cellphone cameras; forcing TSA-apologist passengers to be confronted with what's going on so they can't keep sticking their heads in the sand (even though many still will); videotape proof should you need it later -- the TSA is videotaping constantly (though as Stacey Amato, the infamous breast-milk mother, found out, they can also destroy parts of the tape if they want). And be vocal. Don't submit quietly. Say loudly, "What are you doing?" "You're hurting me." Etc. I'm not suggesting trying to get into a confrontation with these thugs, I'm just suggesting being open, visible, and audible.

    The more our fellow citizens see what's going on, the more they'll be forced to admit what's happening. Silence and secrecy are our enemies in this, almost as much as the abusive, criminal TSA itself.
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    Excellent post. there's no need to hate, but there' no need to go along with the program quietly either

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