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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Mike, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    We got tired of hunkering down.
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  2. RadioGirl

    RadioGirl Original Member

    :cool: Thanks for the invitation, and to Boggie, Friendly and Fete for the welcome.
  3. FetePerfection

    FetePerfection Founding Member Coach

    I have ElizabethConley as a Facebook friend...she does not check in very often but I definitely have her ear and keeps me updated on the politics behind TSA. I hope she joins us...she was a valuable contributor to FT who was chased away by...well you know who...
  4. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    RadioGirl and DeafBlonde, welcome to Travel Underground!

    So glad to see both you here!
  5. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    A big welcome to all our new old friends from FT! I'm so very happy to see you here.
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  6. jtodd

    jtodd Original Member

    Hello all. Nice to catch up with you here.
  7. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Welcome to the Travel Underground!
  8. FriendlySkies

    FriendlySkies Member

    Glad to see you here! If there is anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask!
  9. VH-RMD

    VH-RMD Original Member

    Hello everyone, thanks for the invite.

    I will be one of those who observe from the outside as I will not travel to the US any more, well, not until the madness stops...
  10. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Welcome to the Underground! An occasional reminder as to why many avoid the U.S. never hurts.
  11. rgfloor

    rgfloor Original Member

    Howdy, thanks for the invite!
  12. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    And you are also welcomed to the Travel Underground!
  13. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    Welcome new peeps, jtodd, VH-RMD, and rgfloor.

    Nice to see all of you here. Please let us know what we can do for you!
  14. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    As I think I said to you on FT, your signature says it all.
  15. FriendlySkies

    FriendlySkies Member

    If only those in power understood how they are slowly destroying the tourism industry... :(
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  16. DeafBlonde

    DeafBlonde Original Member

    Welcome to all the newest members. It is heartening to see our numbers growing, and to be able to speak freely to one another! ^
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  17. AmericanGirl

    AmericanGirl Original Member

    Thanks for the invite! Happy to join ;)
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  18. FriendlySkies

    FriendlySkies Member

    Thanks for accepting :)
  19. lkkinetic

    lkkinetic Original Member

    Hi all! My sentiments mirror Radio Girl's -- I wondered why FT TS/S had suddenly gotten waaay less interesting and intellectually engaging. I'm glad to have re-found you all, and many kudos to Mike and all of the coaches for the initiative to start this community.
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  20. NotaCriminal

    NotaCriminal Original Member

    Thanks for the invite. I look forward to reading the forums (and occasionally posting) with a little less interference. I'm not much for insulting each other on forums, but I'm also not for limiting one's self-expression, either. It looks like TUG is the happy compromise!

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