The Consumerist: 4-Year-Old Gets TSA Pat-Down Following Hug From Grandma

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Jon I think its only a matter of time before a (expletive deleted) has a case of whupass opened and it results in the serious traumatic injuries or death of a smurf.

    Im sorry if that had been my child i would have been up that smurfs (expletive deleted) so quick it would have made pissys balls ache (oh wait their in nappy's purse). I would have also matched one liners for one liners "ive seen a xyz in a teddy bear" and mu response would have been " umm yeah havent seen that pop up on blogdad boobs puppy posts yet, but I have seen many of your kind charged with pedophilia, kiddie porn and plenty of thefts of passengers property".

    Then the tailing piece i would have first called the cops to file stalking charges on the (expletive deleted) then bait them into a fight as as soon as they make first contact. It would be all over for them and a level 1 trauma would be dished out.
  2. Oh yeah, the old "gun in a teddy bear" excuse. But there wasn't any teddy bear in the scenario, and no legit reason to be suspicious of anybody (false positives on scanner, illegit). That screener was the biggest moron ever, with her gun in a teddy bear.
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    There are other incidents in the Master List of this. I, too, don't understand how parents can stand there while someone is screaming at them, "Don't touch your child!" and how/why they obey.
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    So much about this accounting that shows how far out of touch TSA is.

    One, a TSA employee should never refer to a traveler, young or old, as a suspect. That demonstrates a TSA mindset showing TSA sees travelers as criminals not citizens and guest of this country going about their business.

    TSA employees raising their voice is no appropriate for the job they are doing. To yell at a young child shows the immaturity and inability for a screener to function as an adult.

    This incident should result in the immediate firing of all TSA employees involved since they demonstrated a complete disregard for the people involved and demonstrated their lack of ability to use any common sense.

    Any claims to have acted correctly are nothing but a cover up for incompetents.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    At TSA News:

    Yet Another Child Abused by TSA
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    "Control" is a very interesting term to use, and it tells us all one needs to know about the interpersonal style of the writer. I'm 50, and I've got two kids whose behavior is generally above approach. It's never once occurred to me that "controlling" them was desirable. On the other hand, I have noticed that authoritarian parents continually strive to control their offspring, usually with disastrous results. Their children are monsters when they escape parental rule. Their children are angry, spiteful, deceitful and quarrelsome. In spite of this these authoritarian parents never seem to catch on that the well-behaved children around them are parented with a vastly different style. Authoritarian parents tend to imagine that mild mannered parents must be beating their children within every inch of their lives behind closed doors.

    It's no use trying to explain how healthy parent-child relationships work to a die-hard authoritarian. To accept the truth would turn their entire schema inside out.

    Recall how the ignorant TSA Thugettas actually believed that yelling louder would cause a sobbing 4 year old to be intimidated into silence. This is a classic dysfunctional parenting tactic, and their own interpersonal lives are so emotionally impoverished that the Thugettas don't have the requisite skills to calm a child. All they know, all they've ever known, is submission to overwhelming force. It's sad, really sad. I'd feel sorrier for the Thugettas, except that the TSA is trying to sow dysfuntional behaviors into our entire culture by giving dysfunctional women the power to abuse emotionally healthy women.
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    Why does anyone think that this awful incident, or any of the scores like it over the past few years, is going to make one iota of a difference in the TSA's policies?

    I continue to maintain that there is only one type of incident that will have any hope of reining in the TSA: a passenger dies as a direct result of a TSO's incompetence.
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    Or when one or more screeners achieve room temperature at the hands of one or more irate passengers.

    I'm amazed that nobody has yet gone postal at a TSA checkpoint.
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    I don't think the death of a passenger will make a smidgen of a difference. Police kill people all the time, and usually it's the victim who gets the blame.
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    Amy Alkon has posted a picture of the scary 4-year-old suspect, in a princess dress; I posted the link:

    TSA News Blog: Yet Another Child Abused by TSA
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    Exactly. The passenger will get the blame.

    These assaults have been going on for years, and have only increased in the past two. Yet not only are people still submitting, they're still defending the TSA, as you can see in the hundreds of comments all over the blabbosphere.

    Any thinking person who doesn't submit is labeled a kook, a troublemaker, a whiner, blah blah blah. The United Sheeple of America stand ever ready to bend over and spread 'em.
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    Story has been linked by Drudge.
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  14. Even if it was reasonable to expect people to control their children (and as a parent, you do have to exert a certain amount of control over the situation when you are somewhere like the airport security checkpoint), I don't see how a parent can be expected to know that a four year old needs to be controlled in such a way that she does not give her grandmother a hug. She probably sees her grandmother as another one of her caregivers, and hugging her is a way of checking in, even acknowledging her authority. This hug, to me, indicates that the child was maintaining control just fine. It's a cultural norm, hugging your grandmother. Oh wait, we're supposed to give those up, lest the terrorists exploit them. I forgot.:rolleyes:

    Were any of these people informed in advance that touching the grandmother would be thought of as criminal activity? Is there signage? Who could know such a thing?
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  15. barbell

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    You can't know such a thing. Knowing such a thing allows the terrorists to win. Duh.

    Here's what I want to know:

    Apparently the girl ran through the terminal. As a member of a suspected terrorist plot, she was likely able to hand off her teddy bear with a gun :rolleyes: to one of her terrorist co-conspirators. At that point the entire terminal should have been dumped. The fact that it wasn't proves that TSA put the entire traveling public at risk on that day.
  16. barbell

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    Oh, and here's something else I'd like to know.

    It seems that grandma triggered the alarm. Aren't old people supposed to have relaxed screening. Weren't we told that these people pose less of a risk in the new and *ahem* "improved" risk based screening protocols. Well, for that matter, both of the people involved are in "less risky" groups: old people and children under 12. And yet they were subjected to greater scrutiny from the clowns at the TSA circus.

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  17. Lisa Simeone

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    I believe she ran only a few feet, but I get your drift.
  18. barbell

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    It's TSA. A few feet is a terrorist plot in action. They've dumped entire terminals for less.
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    But what if the teddy bear was hiding one of those newfangled invisible guns?

  20. Doober

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    Only at certain test airports - a damned few.


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