The end is nigh: Frontier Airlines to charge for beverages, carry-on bags

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mike, May 1, 2013.

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    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Frontier Airlines to charge for beverages, carry-on bags

    Frontier Airlines will start charging for beverages on board that are now complimentary as well as for carry-on bags if you go through a third-party service to reserve your ticket, the airline announced Wednesday. The changes are part of a confusing new fee structure that Frontier is introducing over the summer.

    In a news release, Frontier justified the carry-on fee for customers who buy basic-fare tickets through third parties by saying frequent fliers complained "that finding overhead bin space for carry-on bags has become unacceptably difficult." The fee will not apply to customers who book through the airline's own website. " will become the only channel through which customers will continue to enjoy free carry-on bags on all tickets," Frontier's news release said. "This change will increase overhead space for Frontier's most loyal customers and speed the boarding process for all passengers."

    The fees will range from $20 to $100. The Consumerist made an unsuccessful attempt to get Frontier to explain the details of the new fee structure Wednesday, including a clarification of when the $100 fee would be charged. Frontier did say all passengers will still be able to carry on one free personal item up to 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches, as long as it fits under the seat.

    More poorly though out changes from

    Onboard Beverages
    As part of the transformation into an Ultra Low Cost Carrier, Frontier will begin charging for onboard beverages this summer. Effective July 1, 2013, customers who purchase Economy or Basic fares will be charged $1.99 for coffee, tea, soda and juice. All on-board purchases continue to require a credit or debit card.

    This is going to leave a lot of kids flying by themselves and even young adults who haven't transitioned to credit/debit cards flying thirsty.

    If the airline is trying to increase revenues, it makes zero sense to me that they would refuse cash.

    They claim to be making these changes to transition to an "ultra low-cost airlines", yet the real low-cost airline (Southwest) just keeps growing & growing, with none of these garbage fees: Give people a good, simple deal, and they just keep coming back.
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    The $100 carryon fee apparently is for those who pay at the gate.

    Looks like they are digging onto a hole ...

    Washington Post: Frontier Airlines to charge up to $100 for carry-on bags for some passengers; $2 for a soda

    On Wednesday it slashed the mileage award to 25 percent of the miles of the trip. So, a 1,000 mile Frontier trip purchased from an online travel agency would earn 250 miles. It also allows passengers to choose their seat in advance only if they buy directly from the Frontier website.

    Frontier has a loyal base of customers in its home city of Denver, but its business is shrinking and losing money. Revenue dropped 9 percent and its flying capacity shrank almost 13 percent in the first quarter, according to financial results released Wednesday by corporate parent Republic Airways Holdings Inc. Republic has been trying to fix Frontier’s finances as part of selling the airline.
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    Frontier still exists because their regional carrier (Republic) acquired two bankrupt majors (Frontier & Midwest) that they were contracted to fly for.

    When Midwest started to go belly up & cancelled a lot of routes, I had four Midwest itineraries pending, two purchased directly from MidWest and two purchased through Expedia. The only ones honored were those purchased through Expedia, which got those two tickets pushed to Northwest. The final checking still took a lot of effort (45 minutes at the elite check @ MSP, I showed up with all the info opened up on my laptop) since Midwest tried until the last minute not to go thru w/ the push to NW.

    Bottom line is that you're a lot better off dealing with a third party (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity) than entrusting your money to ailing airlines at the bottom of the feeding chain.
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    Just don't do business with these kinds of businesses. If Frontier treats passengers this cheaply think about how they maintain their airplanes.
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    Wasn't it the conduct of Frontier Air on a flight to Detroit that resulted in the forced strip search of the young lady named Hebshi?
  6. Mike

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    I do believe you are correct!

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