The Fullerton, California, Police Department: A Ku Klux Klan Legacy

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    The violent legacy of this police department is traced back to the 1920s, when a majority of the city council and many of its police officers belonged to the KKK. For most of its history the violence was focused on minorities (mostly Latino) but eventually spilled over into the entire community.

    The OC Weekly article runs 5-6 pages. It relates so many incidents that I can't begin to describe them here.

    I stumbled on this by accident -- I forgot to include a link in the post about the MIA screener who was busted for stealing iPads. In search for that story again, I also found a blog post about a Fullerton copy who was also busted at MIA for stealing another passenger's iPad. Following the Fullterton PD tag from that blog post led to the above.

    If you enjoy being depressed and the OC Weekly article wasn't sufficient to achieve your targeted clinical state, start drilling down through this blog:

    ^ to both the OC Weekly& the bloggers at Friends for Fullerton's Future for jobs well done!
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    From the article:
    Gee, "blasé attitude"? "Tacit authorization"? Not "dealt with properly"? What does that remind me of?
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    wow. they don't even bother to hide what they're doing. turning off recording devices or having erased key portions of it should be taken as conclusive evidence of guilt.
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