The Gang of 8 and Accountable Border Enforcement

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    This is appalling. I've separated the points into bullets to make them stand out...

    Huffington Post: The Gang of 8 and Accountable Border Enforcement

    As a result, border residents increasingly seethe at a level of government intrusion into their daily lives that would be unconscionable and unconstitutional elsewhere in the country. In addition, a steady stream of reports by academics, researchers and border groups has documented rampant human rights violations by Border Patrol agents. Of course, the great majority of agents do their difficult, dangerous and often tedious jobs with great professionalism, even in the face of provocation. Yet many do not and face no apparent consequences for it.

    Twenty percent of 300 El Salvadorean deportees interviewed in 2002, for example, reported being
    • shoved,
    • thrown to the ground,
    • hit,
    • kicked,
    • slapped or
    • otherwise abused during their arrests.
    Twenty-five percent said that agents directed racial slurs at them.

    In another survey -- involving 1,113 deportees interviewed in Mexico between 2010 and 2012 --
    • 11 percent reported physical abuse by U.S. authorities,
    • 23 percent reported verbal abuse, and
    • 39 percent said their valuables had been confiscated and not returned, including identification cards, money and cell phones.
    In a 2012 surveyof 4,963 Mexican and Central American migrants (primarily deportees),
    • 5.6 percent reported physical abuse,
    • 13.4 percent verbal abuse, and
    • 58 percent of those travelling with others reported being separated from family members during deportation.
    Another reportbased on 4,130 interviews with 12,895 deportees between 2008 and 2011 found physical abuse in 10 percent of the cases,
    • extensive verbal abuse,
    • failure to return personal belongings and
    • family separation during deportation.
    Several reports and legal complaints have also highlighted the inhumane treatment of migrants --
    • insufficient food,
    • prolonged exposure to cold temperatures, and
    • undignified conditions
    -- in Border Patrol holding cells.
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    Welcome to the American gulag

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