The Gothamist: The TSA Is Very Proud Of All The People They've Felt Up

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    The Gothamist: The TSA Is Very Proud Of All The People They've Felt Up

    In the first six months of 2012, the security theater that is the TSA felt up (or "scanned") 375,432,402 people (that's 1.8 million passengers a day!). And along the way they found some pretty impressive things. Who can forget the guns in Mickey Mouse, the old knife-in-the-mayo trick, the knife-in-walker trick or all those guns? Well, certainly not the TSA ... Of course it hasn't been all gun and games for the TSA. There have also been quite a few complaints about TSA agents getting too touchy and chatty (also steal-y) but look on the brightside. According to the TSA only 30,204 official complaints were submitted in the first half of the year, which adds up to just 0.008 percent of the total passengers who flew in that period. Huh!
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    But TSA gets over 740,000 'comments" a year. Guess who decides which ones are "complaints".

    A realistic estimate is closer to 300,000/year. If these are all compliments then they should make all of them public and let us decide which are which.
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    Oh, they will make them about 4 or 5 years, but only IF someone files a FOIA request to review them!:rolleyes:
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