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    There are those who might believe that anyone opposed to the TSA has a problem with authority. And/or they hate all law enforcement. Well, sorry to tell you, but that is simply untrue. I am here today to laud the actions of one Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic of Albany, New York.
    There were two people at the Albany airport last week filming for Opt Out and Film Week: Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas. They were also passing out flyers. They were approached by the Direstor of Airport Affairs, Douglas Myers, and ordered to turn off the camera. Then came Deputy Sheriff Lenic, who clearly, patiently, and determinedly asserted the First Amendment rights of Ashley and Jason. I could recite the subsequent events, but I’ll let you watch for yourself:
    Lenic has become something of an icon — he’s gotten 1,665 Facebook likes on a page he didn’t initiate. There have been many calls to his department, and he’s already been commended.
    On one hand, it’s a rather dismal commentary that having a Sheriff support First Amendment rights gets such coverage. On the other, it’s promising that there are some law enforcement officers willing to do so.
    Three cheers, Sheriff Lenic!
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