The machine breaks down when Atlanta sheriffs refuse to evict 103 y/o woman

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    To get a perspective on this, take a look at "When Money Dies", written in 1975 by Adam Fergusson and re-released last year. It's about how the financial debacle and extreme inflation impacted people in Germany from 1918 thru 1923. It focuses on how people treated each other under those stresses. It's about $8 on the Kindle and is food for thought to get y'all prepared, insofar as that is possible.
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    Don't have The Kindle (no old book smell!)
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    The smelly add-on is slated for V3.0
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    Yep, I do miss those tangibles. What I do is put some printers' glue and ink on my wrist and sniff them every time I click the next page button, sort of like salt and tequila.... ;)

    But it is soooo convenient and cool to be able to grab a book anytime anywhere there's wireless around.
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