The Moral Liberal: TSA Sells 4th Amendment Protection

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Kind of like being robbed & then having someone offer to return your stuff for a hundred bucks ...

    The Moral Liberal: TSA Sells 4th Amendment Protection

  2. Monica47

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    Why is one of the requirements an invitation by an airline? Is it because they only want their "loyal" customers able to avoid the hassle of the TSA? Why not open up this program to everyone? Oh, but wait, if everyone signed up and was able to get in the "special" lines then the TSA wouldn't have anything to do would they? I'll bet that at least 90% of people who would be vetted would qualify for the "special" lines and that is why it is not open to everyone.
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  3. Fisher1949

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    Granting all of these exemptions are just ripe for a civil rights lawsuit. They say they aren't profiling when they are doing exactly that.

    So far we have frequent fliers, military members on orders, children under 12 and adults over 75. Add in those with GE, Nexus and other programs and the pool of victims begins to narrow.

    Maybe now ACLU will get off their can and actually do something instead of watching what EPIC, TRI and 1oth Amendment are doing.

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