The op-ed cometh: "A Three-Ring Circus of Failure, Waste and Abuse"

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    Geez, I wish I could find it! I surf through so many TSA-related things a day (not to mention all the other surfing I do for all the other things I'm interested in), there's no way I can remember where or even when I saw it. Wish I'd made note of it. Maybe you can PM Fisher and he can throw some numbers together for you? I'm thinking that just a couple lines would be punchy - something like this (in blue):

    These are not the agency’s only transgressions. Activist website Travel Underground ( maintains Master Lists of abuses and crimes committed by TSA agents, including crimes committed while on the job. The lists were over 200 strong as of May 2012, and continue to grow as TSA continues to mistreat the American traveling public. Highlights include:

    XX TSOs arrested for sex crimes, XX of them involving children (e.g. kiddie porn)
    XX TSOs fired or arrested for property crimes (including theft from baggage)
    XX TSOs fired or arrest for...

    That kinda thing, if you can get those numbers. I do think your addition to the paragraph about the incidents is great, and brings up a lot of stories that many readers will be familiar with.

    I think it's an extremely well-written letter, and they damn well BETTER print it!

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