The TSA and the No-Fly List Lack Accountability, Transparency

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    Good essay on the unconstitutional no-fly list ...

    Independent Voter Network: The TSA and the No-Fly List Lack Accountability, Transparency

    The TSA’s most powerful tool is the “No-Fly” list, that bans individuals from entering United States airspace. The FBI maintains this no-fly list through its Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), deciding which individuals will be placed on the list.

    The TSA then vets these listed names against the passenger lists for all commercial flights within the U.S. If a passenger’s name appears on the No-Fly list, he or she is completely prohibited from boarding an aircraft that will enter U.S. airspace.

    The FBI also maintains the “Selectee-list”, that is less restrictive. This second list requires the TSA to perform certain additional screening of any passengers appearing on this list.

    At least 400,000 people are on the Selectee-list, and another 10,000 or more on the No-Fly list. According to the FBI, of these 10,000, at least 500 are United States citizens. Being stopped by TSA or FBI agents while trying to board a flight appears to be the only way of knowing if your name appears on one of these lists. Tweet stats: Tweet

    Once placed on either list, it can be difficult for a person to have his or her name removed, much less discover why he or she was placed on the list. The FBI maintains that releasing any information regarding people on these lists could cause serious national security risks. This policy, however, has led to a number of lawsuits and recurring ‘false-positives’.

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