The TSA Exposed for Exposing Us – Again

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    My comments to an earlier article were excerpted in a recent article by Becky Akers. I enjoy her articles but was a bit surprised to see my comments mentioned.Not a big deal other than to point out that the writers look at what we post.

    Comments were:
    "This is simply a ruse to offset the damage done to TSA by EPIC in court last week. TSA is trying to score some PR points before they have to seek public comment as ordered in the ruling."
    Our brilliant cynic here refers to a decision from the DC Court of Appeals that the TSA’s porno-scanning is completely constitutional – yep, I kid you not – but violates the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) because the agency neglected to seek "public comment" before installing the technology.

    Our genius is factually incorrect since the TSA’s testing of the new software predates the court’s utter lunacy. But isn’t his doubt exhilarating? So is his conclusion: “TSA constantly lies and this is no exception. Nothing less than the complete elimination of TSA is acceptable.” Yeehaw!

    Becky has been a ardent opponent to the TSA abuses and apparently reads the feedback to her commentaries.

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