The TSA would have missed the bomb the CIA found

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, May 8, 2012.

  1. barbell

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    TSA seems only able to find things that are "anomalies". I bet if the underwear bomb had just been sent through in the luggage, it probably would have been missed entirely. Of course, I highly doubt the scanners, particularly those with ATR, would've seen this.
  2. Mike

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    Exploratory checkpoint surgery. When they finally admit that the BDO program is hocus pocus, they'll send all the BDOs back to the classroom and make them Certified Checkpoint Surgeons, only takes 7 days of training. :D
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  3. That's a good point. What if the underwear bomb is packed neatly in your carry-on? It wouldn't need to be an underwear bomb, though, since the whole point of it being underwear is putting it where no jackass is supposed to stick his hands.
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  4. Caradoc

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    One. The other six days are optional, being the training for anesthesia and reclosing the wound post-exploratory.
  5. TravelnMedic

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    Doing that on either of my scars is not going to end well.
  6. barbell

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    Well, it's kinda like how you have to take your shoes off and put them on the belt, not in a bin, so they can get a good, clear look at whether or not you've put a bomb in them.

    But the shoes in your carry-on with all the clutter and everything else that can be used to disguise the bomb you've put in them? They're cool.
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  7. jtodd

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    These are found by TSA security


    These are not


    This is found by TSA


    This is not

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  8. TravelnMedic

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    Dang i have that same gerber knife in my back hip pocket.

    Maybe its time to post the picture of items I have gotten by the idiots at TSA, and the ones they have claimed were "dangerou" or "prohibited" yet after a good round of brow beating, and a few "your a fracking idiot" went with me. Might cause pissy to :trash: himself.
  9. nachtnebel

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    But only if the package did NOT resemble a package containing money.
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  10. Caradoc

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    My EDC.

    Gerber makes some decent tools. My go-bag has an old Multi-Lock in it, too.
  11. TravelnMedic

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    They make some good items for the price. My preference is for Benchmade for folders, but I have a mixed bag of gerber, benchmande, kershaw, and 5.11.

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