The Ultimate "Can I take this through security?" Thread

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by INK, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. INK

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    All of my tools, including the Pelican 1510 case in which they were contained, were stolen out of my rental car in Dallas. So, I had to buy all new tools, but my insurance company has been super, and I am back on the road and only out about $3000 above what the insurance covered.

    Mrs. Ink, in her wisdom, suggested an inventory of the contents and photos for permanent record. Good idea. I finally got around to it this afternoon.

    Here is a photo of the contents of my new Pelican case. Is it any wonder I get a secondary almost every time? If anyone wants particular items identified, I can do that. Most important, after a good ETD check, everything here clears. IMG_8771.JPG
  2. Doober

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    I imagine gung-ho clerks getting orgasmic when you come through a checkpoint thinking they finally have the "big catch." :D
  3. Rugape

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    Is this your carry on Pelican case? Or checked baggage bag?

    If you carry this on, are any of the tools over 7" long? If so, they are not allowed past the checkpoint as a carryon.

    If this is your carryon, the xray screen probably dims from drawing power trying to show anything on this bag! The density of some of those items would always need a more in-depth search because they probably can't see through it. If it is your checked bag, then the xray will probably alarm on it for the same reason - necessitating a hand search of the bag. Sorry INK, you are probably going to have to endure searches every time you carry this with you. There are some consrtuction workers and mechanics that travel a lot that have the same situation, dense items in the bag usually = bag search.
  4. Rugape

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    P.S. nice equipment!
  5. INK

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    Yes, carried on. Yes, usually searched. I allow time for it.
  6. Mike

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    & roughly 70% immune to water cannons! :D
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  7. Cartoon Peril

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    What are you, a Ghostbuster?
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  8. INK

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    I search for "gremlins," mechanical ones in big machines. I trouble-shoot printing presses, some up to 126" wide and running 3000 feet of paper per minute. Most of them are in the 30"-60" range and run 1500 to 2000 feet per minute.

    It is a declining industry, but there are still some that are busy. The most active ones are obvious: the ones that print the advertising that falls out of your Sunday paper and those that print direct mail. (You may call it junk mail, but we do not. It makes a living for us.) Packaging is busy as well, and I could work there, but I have not needed to market in that area. I have all of the work I can do. My work picks up in bad economic times. My customers need to keep their old machines running rather than buy new ones.
  9. Rugape

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    We have a free newspaper here called the Rhino Times, it is a conservative leaning paper, and is mostly opinion and such, but they have actually held up quite nicely during the stumbling economy, and their paper is printed on old style newspaper, it has the same smell as the old newsies like when I was a kid. Most of the other local rags do not, I kind of miss that smell - so I always read the freebie every week for a bit of memory jolt. I am glad that you are still running around making things work!
  10. INK

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    Bumping my own thread.

    On Wednesday, my case was sent through and kicked out of the x-ray with no secondary. This is the first time in a while. I am sort of leery that the new "threat" will make my trip through on the 10th a lot of fun.

    (Update VIA edit: On 9/10, got to SDOO at CLT, CP C for E gate. Then I got a really good, but friendly, bag check. No surprise and nothing special. Oh, I also got a first ever "random" hand swab.)
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