The Washington Post “addresses” a few TSA matters

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    In a post today by the normally clear-eyed Jonathan Capehart — and in The Washington Post, no less — you will see plenty of admiration for the way the TSA handles children and the elderly (they get to keep their shoes and jackets on!) as well as cheery support for the some-animals-are-more-equal-than-others Pre-Check program:​
    Anyway, all I’m asking is that the TSA treat the rest of us the way it treats little kids and old folks. Since 2011, youngsters under age 12 have been allowed to keep their ubiquitous light-up shoes on. And those age 75 and older have been able to keep their footwear on since 2012.[. . .]​
    But there is a way around the shoe rule and others that would transport you back to the golden days of air travel when you could breeze through security and go right to your gate. It’s called TSA Pre. If the agency approves you after you’ve undergone its voluntary risk assessment, you get to keep your shoes, belt, and jackets on, and your laptop and plastic goody bag of 3 oz. toiletries get to stay in your carry-on.​
    Looks like I better sign up for this thing.​
    To Capehart and the TSA apologists alike (who, to my profound disappointment, are well represented in the article’s comment section): I must remind you that just because the intrusive and often-painful gropings of sex organs (which in many instances are both abusive and, according to FBI definitions of sexual assault and rape, illegal), the needless and forced removal of prostheses and artificial limbs, or any one of countless debasements and offenses to human dignity have not happened to you personally, doesn’t mean that they haven’t happened to other people all over the country.​
    Innocent people who merely want to get from Point A to Point B.​
    As we have said so many times we’re feeling metaphorically hoarse — as well as afflicted with serious writer’s cramp — the TSA is an agency rife with criminals, from thieves to child-porn aficionados to rapists to drug-smugglers to (yes) muderers and spouse-abusers.​
    On top of all that, the agency itself is an unjustifiable use of tax dollars. It should be disbanded.​
    Furthermore, TSA Apologists, although you may have “breezed through” what is rightly described as, and proven by security experts worldwide to be, pure Security Theatre, those of you who are in possession of a modicum of conscience and a decent level of sympathy toward your fellow human beings should take a moment or two and read about at least some of the agency’s victims. Click the tab at the top of this page, where resides an ever-growing Master List of documented abuses and crimes.​
    Read it and realize that your tax dollars support an indefensible, ineffective, fascistic agency that violates your Constitutional rights and emphatically does not make us safe. Reinforced and locked cockpit doors; alert, non-compliant passengers; and good, solid police work on the ground — long before a terrorist even gets near an airport — are what protect us from that which is statistically speaking, an event so rare that one has a greater chance of being struck by lightning – four times more likely, in fact– than being involved in a terrorist attack.​
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